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Department of Physiology and Biophysics was established in 2017 on the basis of previously independently functioning departments “Biophysics” and “Physiology and Neurobiology” and specializes in the training of personnel in the areas of Biology (human and animal physiology) and Biophysics.

The first steps of the biophysical school in Uzbekistan are connected with the opening in 1962 of Biochemistry and Biophysics Department and during this period Professor YalkinKholmatovichTurakulov (later Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan) began to read the general course on biophysics. In 1979, Biochemistry and Department Biophysics separated into two separate departments: Biochemistry department of and Environmental Protection Department. In 1988, the Department of Biotechnology and Cell Biology was established on the basis of the biotechnological group (under the guidance of Prof. MM Rakhimov), and the Chair of Biophysics and Environmental Protection was changed to the Chair of Biophysics.

The Department of Human and Animal Physiology was established in 1929. From this year to 1962 the department was headed by an outstanding scientist Antony IvanovichIzrael. He conducted research on the physiological adaptation of man and animals to the hot and mountain climate of our republic. Later his studies received a wide circulation by his students. A.I. Israel is the founder of ecological physiology in Uzbekistan. As a result of many years of observations of his expedition, a new direction was created – “The Influence of Different Aquatic and Anhydrous Regime of Animals on the Physiological Functions of Organisms”.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor AntoninaStepanovnaShatalina (1898-1975) headed the Department of Human and Animal Physiology in 1962-1975. In these years, scientific studies were conducted to study the normal and pathological physiology of the pancreas, endocrinology and sports physiology.

From 1976 to 1990 years, the department conducted research on the ecology and physiology. In 1986, the department was headed by the doctor of biological sciences B.Z. Zaripov, along with the preservation of the ecological direction, opened a new direction –“Physiology of digestive and transport processes of the animal body”.

In the years 1994-2006department was headed by Professor K.T. Almatov formed a new direction in accordance with his research –“Tissue mitochondria and uniform elements of blood in the norm and pathology, as well as the fundamental principles of the study of the structure and function of the lipolytic enzymes of the membrane”.

Professor KuchkarovaLyubovSalidzhanovna (1953) contributed to the development of the physiology of digestion and nutrition in the department.

At present, professors and teachers of Physiology and Biophysics Department conduct scientific research in the following scientific areas:

• Study of ion transport through biological membranes;

• Study of intracellular mechanisms of the influence of biologically active compounds;

• Study of lipid peroxidation and activity of phospholipases in various pathological states;

• Study of the mechanism of influence of natural and artificial biologically active compounds on growth and development;

• Study of the energy status of cells in normal and pathological conditions;

• Study of the influence of low-frequency electric and magnetic fields on plants and microorganisms;

• Study of biologically active compounds on the physiological and biochemical processes of the organism;

• Study of human and environmental food links.