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In 1921 yeas at Turkistan state university was open institute of chemistry in which scientific and tenchers have carried on lessons by chemical discipllines by student by 5 faculties of this university. On the base of these university and institute in 1926 year was open department of chemistry in Turkistan state university wich than was transformated in chemical faculty.

On chemical faculty scientific-invertigation worhe have been developed in eranion of chairs and scientifical laboratories such famous scientifics as O.S. Sadikov, Ksh. V.Usmaanov, K.S.Achmedov, Sh.T.Tolipov, J.P.Zukervanik, A.Sh.Shamsiev, A.M.Muztazaev, A.R.Abdurasuleva, Ch.A.Aslanov, R.S.Tillaev, V.N.Musaev, T.S.Sirlibaev and othess have a great services.

  Such scientifics as Sh.T.Talipov, Ch.A.Aslanov, T.S.Sirlibaev, A.A.Ziyaev, T.M.Babaev, A.O.Sodiqov, B.V.Sagdullaev, Kh.J.Akbarov, A.Kh. Khaitbaev, A.P.Muhtarov, AJ.Holihov have directeh by chemical faculty. From 2017 year d.t.s. S.E.Nurmanov is dean of chemical faculty. At oresence time on faculty have worked 1 academic, 14 doctors of science and 16 candidates of sciences.

Chairs of faculty:

General and anorganic chemisty.

Analytical chemistry

Organic chemistry

Physical chemistry

Chemistry of polymers

Chemistry of natural compounds

Brenches of education: 5140500 chemistry

Specialities of education.

5A140501- Сhemistry

5A140502-Сhemistry of materials and substances

5A140503-Сhemistry and technology of oil and gas.

Specialities of base doctoranty and doctoranty:

02.00.01. Unorganical chemistry.

02.00.02. Analytical chemistry.

02.00.03. Organic chemistry.

02.00.04. Physical chemistry.

02.00.06. Highmolecular compounds.

02.00.08. Chemistry and technology of oil and gas.

02.00.14. Technology of organical substances and materials on their base.

Scientifical council: D Sc.27.06.2017.K.01.03.

02.00.01. Anorganical chemistry (chemistry sciences)

02.00.02. Analytical chemistry (chemistry sciences)

02.00.03. Organic chemistry (chemistry sciences)

02.00.04.Physical chemistry (chemistry sciences)

02.00.09. Classification and sertification of goods on the base of their chemical composition.

Scientificul schools

Natural compounds and bioorganic chemistry (acad O.S.Sadikov)

Reactions of alkylation and acetylation of aromatic compounds (acad. J.P. Zukervanik)

Chemistry of hyhgmolecular compounds (acad Kh.V.Usmanov).

Colloid of chemistry (acad K.S.Ahmedov).

Analytical chemistry (acad. Sh.T.Tolipov).

Chemistry of coordinatel compounds (acad.N.A.Parpiev).