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      In 1949, the Department of Journalism of the Philological Faculty of the Central Asian State University was opened. In 1967 the department acquired the status of a faculty. Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor TuganIrnazarov was appointed first dean of the Faculty of Journalism. In 1999 graduated students of the baccalaureate department of the faculty graduated. In 2001 the first graduates of the specialty of the faculty of the magistracy finished their studies. 

In 2001, the faculty opened a digital and analog television and radio studio and mini-printing, information and resource center. 

In 2004, faculty professors in Uzbek and English published a documentary (each for 40 minutes). In 2004, the faculty became the owner of its own Internet site. 

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In 2004, "Master classes" were organized by local journalists and journalists at the faculty. In 2004, the Higher Journalism Courses were opened. In 2012, for the purpose of training qualified journalists, the Republican leading editions at the faculty created "Schools of Excellence". In 20015, the Faculty of Journalism moved to a new educational building. In 2015, in cooperation with the Club of Young Journalists, the Club of Young Journalists was organized. 

In 2015, 2 associate professors, in 2017 1 assistant professor of journalism became winners of the Republican contest "The Best Teacher of Higher Education."

In the academic year 2017-2018, 70 quotas were allocated at the Faculty of Journalism in the bachelor's direction,10 quotas for the specialty of magistracy, and 14 quotas for Higher Journalistic Courses.

To date, almost all graduates of the bachelor's and master's degrees work in NTRC of Uzbekistan and regional branches, in editorial offices throughout the country, in press centers of ministries and departments.

Audiovisual and Online journalism
Theory and Practice of Public Relations
Theory and Practice of the Press
Stylistics and Editing