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Department of Mathematics, National University of Uzbekistan afted by Mirzo Ulubek was founded in 1918. The great contribution to the creation and development of scientific research works and the activities of the faculty was made by such prominent scientists as V. Romanovsky, T.A.Sarimsakov, S. Kh. Sirazhiddinov and M.T.Urazbayev.

Currently, the faculty prepares bachelors in the following areas: Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Mechanics, Mathematical and Software Support of Information Systems, Informatics and Information Technologies, Information Security, graduate students in the following specialties: "Mathematics (in the directions)", "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics", "Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics", "Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies" Theoretical mechanics "," Mechanics of a deformed solid "," Mechanics of a liquid, gas and plasma "," Computational mathematics "," Mathematical modeling and numerical methods "," Cryptography in cryptanalysis "," Information security ", “Information systems (for non-core industries)“.

The term of study at the bachelor degree is 4 years. Classes are conducted in Uzbek and Russian. Each year more than 200 students are admitted to the 1-year bachelor's degree. Currently, more than 1,000 students study in all areas.

The term of study at the magistracy is 2 years. Classes are conducted in Uzbek and Russian. Each year, more than 70 students are accepted for the first year of the Master's program. Currently, o

ver 140 students study in all specialties.


  At the faculty there are 2 Specialized Councils in 5 specialties on awarding doctoral degrees.

 Graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics can work in higher and secondary special educational institutions, banking institutions and statistical institutions, in all institutions and organizations that have information resource centers.

At the faculty there are 9 departments and a library. At all departments there is a magistracy, a basic doctoral and doctoral studies.

The faculty also has 35 training rooms, 1 laboratory, 8 computer and 3 language rooms, the total area of ​​which is 2420 m2.

At present, seven students, 36 doctors and over 60 candidates of sciences work for the benefit of students at the faculty, train and conduct their scientific work.


1. Mathematical analysis

2. Differential equations and mathematical physics

3. Geometry and topology

4. Algebra and functional analysis

5. Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics

6. Theoretical foundations of mechanics

7. Mathematical modeling and cryptanalysis

8. Applied mathematics and computer analysis

9. Algorithms and technologies of programming


 The faculty has a library with a fund of over 70,000 educational, methodological and scientific literature, as well as republican periodicals, journals and over 40,000 electronic textbooks and teaching methods.