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Foreign Philology faculty is one of the prestigious faculty among faculties of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek. The faculty of Romanic-germanic philology (Foreign philology) faculty was established in 1962. At first it was named  faculty of Romanic-germanic philology. Faculty of Russian philology was established under the faculty of Uzbek philology in 1943. Faculty of Russian philology was separated from Uzbek philology in 1980. Faculty of Foreign philology was founded in  1994 as a result of the merge of Romanic and Germanic philology and Russian philology faculties.   Russian scientists and academicians V.M. Jirmunskiy, V.F.Shishmarev, professor G.P. Vladimirov who worked at the University of Central Asia in the years of the Second World War  and they contributed  to the devlopment of the faculty.  
At present 5 professors, 6 doctor of sciences, 14 docents, 28 PhD, 45 senior teachers, 46 teachers  are working at the faculty. 

          Since its foundation the Faculty has educated more than 10 thousand of graduates who have significantly contributed to the improvement of higher, secondary, vocational education, other scientific and social institutions throughout Uzbekistan and Central Asian countries. Graduates of the faculty are employed by UN departments in Uzbekistan, several embassies of Uzbekistan, majority of them are contemporary holding considerable positions in international organizations throughout Great Britain, France, the UAE, India, Iraq, Republic of Guinea, Madagascar and etc. The following specialties in bachelor’s degree are being trained at the faculty: 
Bachelor’s degree 
  • 5120100-  Philology and language education (English language), 
  • 5120100-   Philology and language education (German language) 
  • 5120100-   Philology and language education (French language) 
  • 5120100-   Philology and language education (Russian language) 
  • 5111300-  Mother tongue and literature (Russian language and literature for groups of other language), 
  • 5111400 - Foreign language and literature (English language).  
Master’s degree
  • 5A120102 – Linguistics (English language) 
  • 5A120102 – Linguistics (German language) 
  • 5A120102 – Linguistics (French language) 
  • 5A120102 – Linguistics (Russian language) 
  • 5A120101 – Literature studies (Russian literature) 
     German philology department is collaborating with DAAD and the University of Munster in Germany. Since 2003, the department won the grant of the following university and it is still maintained. Students and teachers of the department serve their internship in Germany, as well as teachers and professors of the University of Munster organized seminars, conferences in Tashkent.
Faculty has established international cooperation relations with International Linguistic Academy of Great Britain, University of Cambridge and Norwich Institute of Language Education, leading universities of India through ITEC project, Institute of Germanistics  of Wilhelm-Westphalia University in Germany, University of Gottingenttingen, Goethe Institute in Tashkent, Tur university named after Frances Rabbles and Moscow state university named after M.B.Lomonosov. Professor teachers and remarkable students of the faculty have been educated as exchange students, also were conducted lectures and created scientific cooperation with above mentioned institutions.   
Professor teachers of the faculty have had internship experiences at University of Oregon, USA. On top of that the faculty established close and intense relations with prestigious universities, scientific centres of our Republic and other CIS countries. Currently specialty subject lessons of the faculty are conducted by foreign specialists. In particular, department of French philology has signed cooperation contracts with Tur, Artua, Puate and Nice universities of France.

Departments of the faculty of Foreign philology and their scientific directions:
  • Department English philology – “Typological chacarterics of different languages” 
  • Department German philology – “Indeoeuropian, not indeoeuropian languages, german language and literature” 
  • Department French philology – “Actual problems of linguistics and theory of translation” 
  • Department of Comparative linguistics - “Typological chacarterics of different languages” 
  • Department of Russian philology -    1. “Reflection of the extralinguistic reality in the language and in the text”. 2. “Teaching linguistics disciplines in higher education”. 
  • Department of World literature – “Actual problems of modern literature studies” 
  • Department of English language – “Teaching methodics of the English language” 
  • Department of Uzbek and Russian languages – “Actual problems of teaching languages” 
Nowadays 1177 students are studying at the faculty among them 973 students in 6 educational directions, 49 students for 5 specialities for masters’, 155 students are correspondence departments.