Applicant`s tribune

Applicant`s tribune

To this day, Mirzo Ulugbek National University of Uzbekistan has been selected as the first higher educational direction for 49 applicants with privilege. Out of those, 19 have military benefits, 12 are visually impaired citizens, 4 are disabled with limited ability to move independently, 9 are those who have a recommendation as a family of prisoners of war, 5 are citizens with a foreign language certificate (IELTS, CEFR)

We had a confidential conversation with some of them. Let us get acquainted with their reviews!

Heir to Mirzo Ulugbek.

Fayziev Ramz : Every man had developed dreams of the future from the young age. The plan of the future must necessarily be based on logical reasoning. Since childhood, I also dreamed of becoming the successor to Abu Rayhon Beruni , Mirzo Ulugbek, Al-Khwarizmi . However, of course, achieving the goal requires a person to make great efforts, perseverance, and patience. For almost 9 years, I studied and read tirelessly. My peers have also received a master‘s degree in the past tense. I was not lucky. I did not stop striving. I almost learned by heart textbooks in mathematics and physics, and had the experience of compiling independent examples and topics. I even dreamed of being a student at the University.  Over the years, I have gained the necessary life experience, albeit bitter one. I am not upset about this. Therefore, this year I applied to the Faculty of Mathematics in the direction of mechanics. This year, of course, I will become a student.

I will become a historian

Nazarov Ilkhomzhon, disabled person of group I: in life, when one door closes, the other one opens. After all, they say, "Life consists of both black and white." Despite my disability, I try to see a bright future in my dreams, in the inner world, every day of my life.

Many times, I read and resented the weakness of my eyes. Moreover, the world of my interests encourages me to live, gain knowledge, have a bright future. In the mahalla, located near the National University of Uzbekistan, our relatives live. My childhood also passed there. From an early age, “history” attracted me and this interest just increased year by year. When I read the history of our country, I feel special pride. When I hear the steps of students who are hurrying to class, I feel a lot of excitement inside me. One fine day, I will also study at NUUz in the direction of history, and the idea that I would become a student and go along the same paths originated many years ago in my heart. Therefore, I submitted a document to this institution that I dreamed about. I am delighted. I hope that I am lucky enough to go along the roads where my childhood passed, but now as a student.

Gold will not replace silver

Eshburieva Makhlie , disabled person of group II : Why did you enter the National University of Uzbekistan in the field of "Agrochemistry and soil science "? I will answer the question simply: “as they say: “gold will not replace silver,”the National University of Uzbekistan has its role, value, history. This university is the alma mater of all universities. Therefore, I chose this university. I am from Kashkadarya region, Kamashinsky district, village of Chim. You know how valuable maternal soil is for rural people. Therefore, despite the disability of group 2, I am interested in soil. I believe that I will become a student.

I will be a military defender of Uzbekistan

Ismoilov Jahongirmirzo: I have been interested in a sport such as taekwondo since my youth. Therefore, I sent my documents to the National University of Uzbekistan, so that I can have all the conditions, capabilities and amenities. My goal is to become a military man and contribute to the development of the country. Therefore, I received a recommendation from the command of the military unit. It was not easy for me to achieve this. They say that if you work hard to achieve your goal, the whole universe will be at your disposal. I did not stop acting and submitted documents to Taekwondo, deciding to become a specialist protecting Uzbekistan, with high intellectual potential with higher education. I hope that I will become a student.

Who knows, I am a tongue, he knows the world

Ochilova Sevara: From a young age, I dreamed of becoming a teacher of Russian language. Therefore, I applied to the direction of philology and teaching of the Russian language in the National University of Uzbekistan, which was the first University in Central Asia. My goal was to perfectly master the Russian language and become a simultaneous translator, who, in addition to the teaching profession, also makes many translations. Rating of the National University of Uzbekistan is higher than that of other universities, so I chose this institution. Since I am from a military family, I had recommendations from there. It gives me a lot of support. My parents‘ profession provides my future. My goal is also to become a person, who is ready to give my life, if necessary, for the prosperity of the country, for tomorrow, for a bright future.

A worthy child for parents

Yldoshkhzhaev Abdurakhman: The family is a small homeland. A child is born in a family, is brought up, grows up and joins a society. Our people have a proverb that says: "the bird does what he sees in the nest." It has a deep meaning. I was also born into a military family. Our family lives in the village of Kurgancha, Kuyichirchik district, Tashkent region. My interest in military affairs is probably because of the profession of my father. Therefore, on June 19, 2019, I submitted my documents as an applicant with the recommendation of a military family, in the direction of psychology at NUUz. The reason I chose this university is that it is great place to study and the possibilities here are wide. I myself am also interested in psychology, historical trends. If I go to university, I will certainly try to grow up as a worthy child for my parents.

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