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   As we know the National University of Uzbekistan is the largest Higher Educational Institution in Central Asia, with many years of pedagogical and scientific traditions, as well as world-famous scientific schools, including in the field of soil sciences. NUU is one of the first universities in the world where the Department of Soil Sciences with the training of specialists in this field was created and was headed by its world-famous scientists Professor Nikolai Alexandrovich Dimo. Since then University has been training highly qualified specialists in Soil Sciences, which are in demand not only in the Republic, but also in many countries of the world.

   A joint department “Eco-friendly and the experimental practice” has been opened at NUUz. Also, a joint database has been prepared for consideration to obtain international copyright certificate. Furthermore, there are plans for future joint works. The heads of the state of Russia and Uzbekistan welcome further steps that will ensure programs for the training and retraining of specialists, the quality of education and closer interaction between research centers of two countries.


Mazirov Mikhail Arnoldovich

Head of the department of Agriculture and Experimental techniques of Russian State Agrarian University – MAA named after Timiryazev,

Doctor of Biological Science, professor, 

honorary worker of professional education of Russian Federation and China, 

Academician of RAS 



     We are very pleased that the faculty of Geography of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov and the Faculty of Geography and Natural Resources of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek resumed the exchange among the faculty and researchers in the last few years. Internships were organized for scientific and pedagogical workers of NUUz, the result of which was joint scientific work in the field of studying water resources and dangerous hydrological processes. The students of National University of Uzbekistan took part in conducting hydrometric training based on the educational and scientific station on the Oka River. We hope for future development of our scientific cooperation, joint participation in scientific and educational projects. We wish the entire Department of Land Hydrology of NUUz great success in the field of training highly qualified personnel, interesting scientific researches and new joint publications.


Roman Sergeevich Chalov, PhD,

Professor of department of Land Hydrology,

Head of the laboratory of soil erosion and

channel processes named after Makkaveev

I would like to share my impressions of visiting National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek.

Dean of the faculty of Geology and Geoinformatics, Professor Tuychiev, together with the rest of the faculty exceeded all my expectations in his care for my stay.

The living conditions on the campus were great for me. The hotel was very comfortable, located in a quiet and very suitable location. The staff was very friendly and caring.


Mark Israel.

Professor of Holon Institute of Technology (Israel) 

Department of Geosciences, University of Fribourg started its collaboration with the department of Land Hydrology, National University of Uzbekistan in 2015 within the framework of the project CICADA (Cryospheric Climate Services for Improved Adaptation). The project aims at reestablishing of glacier monitoring in Central Asia. The Department of Land Hydrology, and particularly prof. Professor F.Hikmatov took a very active role in establishing the cooperation with the project, and our department as well, leading to signing Memorandum of Understanding between the departments and the Universities. Gender balanced participation is an important goal of the CICADA project. Since then, collaboration between the departments have been growing rapidly, and currently, thanks to the new and positive developments in the National University of Uzbekistan, we are working towards establishing chryospheric research on the Masters and PHD level.

Therefore we wish that National University of Uzbekistan continues its path on development and innovation, especially in the field of hydrology and Alpine cryosphere and becomes the main intellectual Centre for Geosciences in Central Asia.


Dr. Martin Hoelzle,

Professor, Department of Geosciences,


 “I was greeted very warmly at the National University of Uzbekistan, Department of English Philology well organized lessons, taken into consideration every detail. They also prepared interesting tours in Tashkent and the old cities of the Republic of Uzbekistan. I was pleasantly surprised by the living conditions at the hotel of National University of Uzbekistan, which I am very pleased with. During the classes, both students and teachers are very actively involved and interested in translation studies. I really hope for future cooperation with the National University of Uzbekistan, due to the prevailing good impression about the country and the National Universityniversity of Uzbekistan. "

 Margit Parkhomenko

National University of Uzbekistan is my favorite university because of the following reasons: First of all, I got my Bachelor of Science with Honors (Mathematics) degree in 1988 and subsequently in 2001, I got my PhD (in Physics and Mathematics) degree. I worked in 1990-1991 as part time lecturer in Physics Faculty and recently I was invited by National University of Uzbekistan as “Visiting Professor” to the Mathematics Faculty during the period of 19 August 2019 – 13 September 2019.

As the visiting professor I was able to give lecture on “Approximation theory” to the Master of Science students of the 2nd year in the Department of Computational mathematics and information systems. I have presented in workshop on “Computational mathematics” which held on 12 september 2019 at 402A room mathematics faculty of National university of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek. I met all members of the Department and was impressed by the high intellectual level of this group and the friendly atmosphere conducive to excellent scientific collaborations. 


Zainidin K. Eshkuvatov

Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology (FST),

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Malaysia.



Since two years I am now working as a teacher for German as foreign language at the National University of Uzbekistan. It is a great pleasure to work with the students and I am still impressed by the level of language skills they reach. The university is very large and extends over a wide campus which reminds me of the university where I studied in Germany. This surely contributes to the fact that I enjoy being here. During the last years I witnessed many changes for the better and I am sure that the university develops in the right direction.

 Simon Kretschmer

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