Center for Digital Learning Technologies

Musurmanov Ulug‘bek Amirqulovich
Head of Information Technology Center,
Reception Monday-Friday, 14:00-17:00
Address Tashkent. Student town st. University-4.
Phone (71) 227-18-96

Center for Digital Learning Technologies

 At the disposal of the Center, the Center for Information Technologies (CIT) operates the administrative and management department, the program and technical support department, the website, ZiyoNet, Talaba S, the material and technical department and 28 computer classes. The main task of the Center is to introduce information and communication technologies in the educational and administrative-management process of NUUz and to implement control-monitoring on their use.

About the activities of the Information Technology Center

The main objectives of the center are:

• Creation and support of computer and information infrastructure of the University.

• Introduction of information technologies in the learning process, creation of electronic libraries, information systems and systems for automation of educational process management.

• Conducting seminars-trainings for the teaching staff of the university in the field of modern information technologies.

• Provision of teachers, graduate students and students of the Institute with access to the Internet.

• Establishment and strengthening of creative links with the educational institutions of the Republic, centers and structures, as well as foreign countries for the purpose of exchanging experience, holding various events, creating joint training courses on new information technologies.

Functions of the Center:

• Preparation of proposals on the need to equip the university with modern computer and network equipment;

• Creation and support of the campus network of the university (intranet and Internet);

• Installation and support of software on the computers of the Institute;

• Provision of information, educational and communication resources for teachers, post-graduate students and students;

• Facilitating the integration of information and educational resources of the university into the national information science and education network (ZiyoNET).

• Assistance in the creation of electronic textbooks and their implementation in the learning process.

Basic Indicators
1182 Professor-o‘qituvchilar soni
26796 Jami talabalar soni
3500000 ARM fondi
52 Yo‘nalish bakalavr
71 Mutaхassislik magistratura