Safety of life Аctivity

Head of Department Oxunov Ravshan Zafarovich
Head of Department,
Reception Monday-Saturday, 14:00 - 17:00
Address Tashkent. Student town st. University-4.
Phone 3152952

To provide the execution of tasks that mentioned inthe  National Program on Preparation cadres, the decrees of President of Republic of Uzbekistan in educational process, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers devoted to higher education, normative documents and methodological instructions of Ministry of Higher and Secondary education, orders and instructions of the rector of the National University of Uzbekistan.
To teach future specialists to the causes, characteristics, consequences of   damages which may appear in their life activity, to create the safe working environment, measures of prevention of accidents at work and to decreaseoccupational diseases in technosphere, to teach methods of defense of population in natural, technogenic and ecological emergency situations, rules of electrical, technical and fire hazard safety, the methods and guidelines for primary medical care for traumatized individuals in emergency situations.
To participate in the working and implementation of university civil defense plans, train university professors and staff to actions taking in emergency situations and prepare civil defense structures for emergency-rescue operations.
To conduct lectures, practical seminars and laboratory works  from the subject “Safety of life activity” that composed according to the state higher education standards in high theoretical, scientific, methodological and professional level,  in order to ensure quality of education.
To oversee the students’ knowledge, to conduct measures of organizing out-of-class activities for students.
To work out curriculum based on the subject “Safety of life activity” and present it in accordance with established procedure, also, to prepare review and conclusions for curriculums of  coincidental departments.
To prepare  textbook, academic, methodical manuals and display tools.
To organize   an increase the qualifications of professor- teachers orderly and provide them to participate in Republic  and international conferences.
To carry on scientific-researches according to  approved  timetable, to discuss completed scientific-investigations, recommend them to publish and establish their results in producing, to take part in supporting effective integrations of education, science and output. 
To browse   educational, scientific-methodical, scientific-research, spiritual---moral and outdoor activities, learn the acts of experienced teachers, to generalize and  disseminate advanced experiences into expropriation. 
To establish  modern pedagogical and information-communication technologies , to help to young teachers to acquire more experience and qualification who have just commenced  pedagogical activity, create  the base of information, to set off  using  modern educational equipments, to advance  independent study  methods, to organize  having lessons in  modern classes that are designed with computer equipments, to develop  elements of distance teaching.
To contribute for elaborating predominant in spirituality- morality, competitive  and  well-qualified cadres that are equal to  cadres of developed democratic countries. 
To open  clubs taking into consideration the interests of students concerning different topics, bearings, specializations in order to implement  free time of students. 
To provide  convening laboratoryworks on  “Safety of life activity”  fully and qualitatively  and take action for supporting the department with modern tools, equipments. 
To monitor filling and updating   the literature basing on providing the safety of information recourse center of the university, scientific-technological and periodic literatures.
To improve the collaborative relationship with foreign and republic scientific and educational  establishments.
The other tasks which are given in “Enactment about the departments of Higher Education  Institutions” and  “Handbook on improvement of system of working in departments of  Higher Education Institutions” are loaded on the department of “Safety of life activity”.

Basic Indicators
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26796 Jami talabalar soni
3500000 ARM fondi
52 Yo‘nalish bakalavr
71 Mutaхassislik magistratura