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Head of Department Rustamova Ra`no Parpievna
Head of Department,
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The lesson plan of the course basics of medical science is formed for all faculties of bachelors degree of National univ. Of uzb named after Mirzo Ulugbek. Medical preparation is the subject about humans health, it researches the main structure of human enlightment, juridical, social economical development.

I. Karimov the first president of Uzb. Uttering the importance of humans health

Said when we say healthy generation personally I understand first of all health generation not only physical strong, but psychological and healthy thinking, with strong belief and faith, brave and courageous, with great spirit, clever and patriot generation. Only healthy nation and healthy generation can built a great country.

From the time when independence was announced with initiative and leadership of Islam Karimov the idea of giving a birth physical and spiritual healthy generation and upbringing a complex developed person became one of the main notions of politics. There are a lot of events are taking place step by step in the country thanks to this ideology.

The great attention is paid to the following puncts applying ideology of healthy generation in the educational system of uzbekistan:

*keeping national Geno fund, enlarging national mentality;

*upbringing physically and spiritually healthy generation,

growing up independent, strong and sincere generation,

upbringing talented youth with healthy thoughts.

These ideas provide requirements of politics of Uzbekistan i.e introducing students maintenance of physical and psychological healthy life, keeping general and reproductive health besides, caring persons and societies health. 
Thanks to the medical preparation course we can teach students constructive approach which makes possible caring and robusting humans health.

These specialists must have great spiritual character, with feeling great responsibility to be ready to help and care people every time.
Students who finished this course successfully will got certificate with the degree ‘‘ emergency medical nursery‘‘ additional to their bachelors diploma.
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