Department of Marketing and Student Practice

Head of Department Mamanazarov Mansur Abduhakimovich
Head of Department,
Reception Monday-Friday, 9:00-17:00
Address Tashkent. Student town st. University-4.
Phone +99871 246 58 89

Department of Marketing and employing students implemented its functions according to Uzbekistan National University’s decree on 27 of March in 2007 №01-155 on "Regulations on the Department of Marketing", and accomplishes following functions:

Legal basis: Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, "On Education" Resolutions and decrees of the President of the Republic of  Uzbekistan on providing the economy with qualified personnel, in motion

Labor Code and relevant legislation and regulations in the field of education including "On amendments and additions to the standard staff of management, technical, service and teaching staff of higher education institutions"

Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Resolution of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Regulations of the Department of Marketing Services of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek.

                                Functions of the Marketing and Student Internship Department:

- Continuing to conduct marketing research in the market of educational services, that is, the professionalism of graduates in undergraduate and graduate specialties  study (qualification qualities) and determine their compliance with the requirements of employers (consumers).

- Analysis of changes in the market of services, which may lead to the emergence of competitive educational services in the bachelor‘s and master‘s specialties in the economy and social spheres of the country, as well as the identification of new directions of development.

- Based on the analysis of the relationship between the various factors (segments) that affect the market and conjuncture of educational services in undergraduate and graduate specialties establishment and implementation of a system of pre-employment distribution of graduates.

- Objects of employment distribution - consumers of educational services (employers, organizations of various forms of ownership - state and local governments, governmental and non-governmental organizations, etc.), including the ratio of supply and demand for graduates in bachelor‘s and master‘s specialties. ) to create a complete database by assessing the structure, determining and grouping its geographical location, diagnosing its potential.

- Creation of a database of graduates of the current year (on the basis of state grants and paid contracts in the field of education and specialties, indicating the name of the full-time and part-time forms of education).

- Preparation of proposals for the opening of new areas of education (training), as well as the elimination of those that do not meet the requirements of the market of educational services, undergraduate and graduate specialties, which do not have enough employers, taking into account the development prospects of the economy of the republic and relevant regions define the list.

- Formation of current and future "portfolio of orders" on state grants and payment contracts, taking into account the existing requirements (orders) of employers (enterprises and organizations) for existing areas of education (training) or specialties in order to determine the indicators of student enrollment.

- Establishment of a commission for the distribution of graduates of the National University of Uzbekistan, plans for the distribution of graduates in accordance with the real needs of employers, enterprises and organizations.(initial, determined) development and final distribution, based on the results of which the graduates create and summarize a personal distribution record.

- - A description of the rating and qualifications of each graduate in the bachelor‘s and master‘s specialties required for the work of the commission for the employment of graduates of the National University of Uzbekistan, which institution of graduates,preparation of the results of questionnaires on the willingness to work in the organization or enterprise and information from employers (consumers) on the existing labor and social and cultural conditions in the enterprise or organization, the amount of wages.

- Preparation, registration and submission to the graduates of all necessary documents for the distribution of graduates and their placement (extract from the diploma, referral to work, the decision of the distribution commission, personal distribution record).

- To consider and make a decision on the applications of young professionals assigned to work by the distribution commission, to apply to the university commission for the process of redistribution or independent employment, if necessary and justified.

- Full acceptance of part of the referrals from the assigned and located graduates and their distribution or redistribution (including self-employment) and the creation of a complete database of employment by enterprises and organizations by specialty.

- Supervision of graduate work and master‘s dissertations, as well as the involvement of highly qualified specialists of employers (customers) in the SAC.

- Training, employment, training, research and production centers (landfills, practice bases) with employers and organizations preparation of regulations and proposals for the organization, as well as the conclusion of agreements on logistical cooperation, as well as the establishment of feedback with them.

Basic Indicators
1182 Professor-o‘qituvchilar soni
26796 Jami talabalar soni
3500000 ARM fondi
52 Yo‘nalish bakalavr
71 Mutaхassislik magistratura