Dean Abdraxmanov Toxtasin
Dean, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Reception Monday-Friday, 14:00-15:00
Address Tashkent. Student town st. University-4.
Phone +99871-227-15-44
The Faculty of Biology and Soil Sciences is one of the oldest, honorable and prestigious department within the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek.  Until the 30th of the last century, the faculty and its departments acted as a branch of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. Beginning of the 1931 was established separately - Faculty of Biology and Soil Science.

The first dean of the faculty of biology and soil was Professor A.L. Brodsky - the founder of the scientific direction and the school of Pedozoology.
In 1932-1933 years, dean of the biology and soil faculty was T.Z. Zohidov. T.Z. Zohidov achieved the title of academician and as a scientist  reached a great contribution  to the development of vertebrate zoology.
In 1933-1934 years, dean of the biology and soil faculty was I.A. Raikova, who contributed to the development of botanical science.
In 1934-1936, N.A. Keizer became the dean of the faculty. He made a great contribution to the development of hydrobiology and ichthyology of our republic.
In 1944-1959, the dean of the faculty was P. B. Azizov, who contributed to the development of genetic science and the training of qualified staff/specialists. 
In 1959-1965, the dean of the faculty was K.N. Press, which made a great contribution to the development of zoological science.
In 1965-1970 G.K. Kamilov, whose great honors was the development of the department of Ichthyology.
In 1970-1973, Kh.K. Hamrakulov. He is a prominent scientist who has contributed to the development of human and animal physiology.
In 1973-1974, the dean was Academician A.T. Tulaganov, a grate scientist, who contributed to the development of the field of phytohelminthology in our republic.
In 1974-1977, the faculty was again headed by G.К. Kamilov.
In 1977-1988 the position of dean of the faculty took M.N. Valikhanov During these years, the faculty moved to the current building and was marked by the development of biochemical science.
In 1988-1992, B.Z. Zaripov, who contributed to the diversified development of the faculty.
In 1992-1998, M.S. Ergashev, who made a great contribution to the development of human and animal physiology.
In 1998-2004, T.A. Abdrakhmanov was the dean of the faculty, who made a great contribution to the development of soil science and agrochemistry.
In 2004-2011, B.A. Muminov became the dean of the faculty, who made a great contribution to the development of the zoology of invertebrates.
In 2011-2014, the dean of the faculty was O.K. Rakhimov, during which the faculty was overhauled.
In 2014-2015, A.S. Yuldashev, who made a great contribution to the development of botany and plant physiology.
In 2015, the faculty was renamed Biological Faculty.
In 2015-2016, V.B. Fayziev became the dean of the faculty, who contributed to the development of microbiology.
In 2016–2018, F.N. Pirakhunova, who contributed to the development of botany and plant physiology.
From 2018 to the present, dean of the faculty A.T. Abdrakhmanov.

The history of the Faculty of Biology closely connected with the history of the departments, each of them has its own scientific schools, from which famous scientists and academicians came from.


Bachelor degree program - study duration - 4 years


• 5140100 - Biology
• 5141000 - Soil Science
• 5630100 - Ecology and environmental protection

Master‘s program - study duration - 2 years


• 5А140101 - Biology (by science)
• 5А140102 - Microbiology and virology
• 5А140103 - Ichthyology and hydrobiology
• 5А140104 - Biotechnology
• 5А140105 - Biophysics
• 5А140106 - Biochemistry
• 5А140107 - Genetics
• 5А140108 - Zoology
• 5А141001 - Soil Science
• 5А141002 - Experimental agrochemistry
• 5А630102 – Ecology

Doctoral and Basic Doctorate - Duration - 3 years


03.00.04 - Microbiology and Virology
03.00.05 - Botany
03.00.06 - Zoology
03.00.09 - General genetics
03.00.10 - Ecology, 03.00.13 - Soil Science

Student contingent:

Bachelor Day full-time - 674 people
Undergraduate correspondence department - 135 people
Master - 124 people

Professorial - teaching staff: 

Academicians - 5 people
Doctors of sciences and professors - 22 people
Ph.D. and associate professors/docent - 48 people


Department of «Biochemistry» - for the first time in Uzbekistan, the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics organized under the direction of Ya.H. Turakulova in 1962. The scientific direction of the department: The study of the action mechanism of biologically active substances of plant origin on cell metabolism.
Department of «Human and Animal Physiology» - founder of the department A.I. Izrael – 1929. Scientific direction of the department: The study of the influences of biologically active substances on the physiological and biochemical processes of the body.
Department of «Biophysics» - founder B.A. Tashmuhamedov, in 1929. The scientific direction of the department: The study of the regulatory mechanism of influences the low-frequency electromagnetic field on plants and microorganisms.
Department of «Microbiology and Biotechnology» was established in 1938 by I.А. Raikova on the basis of the department "Inferior Plants". The scientific direction of the department: Development of resource-saving and competitive technologies for obtaining biologically active substances and theoretical and practical aspects of their use, influences of anthropogenic factors on the microflora of the Tashkent region.
Department of "Genetics" - organized by P.A. Baranov in 1920. The scientific direction of the department: Genetics of morphological markers high quality fiber and early ripening, as well as cotton immunity to diseases and entomo pests with the aim of developing methods to improve the efficiency of marker selection.
Department of “Zoology” is organized under the supervision of A.L. Brodsky. The scientific direction of the department: Biodiversity of the animal world of Uzbekistan and the problems of its preservation.
Department "Botany and Plant Physiology" was formed on the integration of department of Botany and Plant Physiology. Scientific directions of the department: Vegetation cover of the Western Tien Shan, Study of physiological and biochemical features/specialty of the introduction of new and untraditional crops.
Department of “Ecology” - in order to train ecologists, department of Hydrobiology and Ichthyology was renamed the Department of Ecology and Ichthyology. The scientific direction of the department: Restoration of destroyed ecosystems of technogenic soils in the republic. Scientific substantiation of salt tolerance plants and study of promising plants that are involved in soil demineralization.
Department of "Soil science" - organized in frame of the geological department in 1935. The scientific direction of the department: Genesis, geography, evolution, agromeliorative properties of the soils of Uzbekistan, ways of their restoration, preservation, increase of fertility and protection.
Currently, the faculty enrolls 953 students (753 - in three areas of undergraduate: Bachalor-124, 13-specialties of a magistracy, 82 - in the correspondence department).


Currently, the faculty has 9 departments, 2 scientific laboratories and the Center for AGROECOBIOTotechnology, information resource center and reading rooms/library. The faculty has the only collection of cotton lines in the world and opened Zoological Museum. The collection of the zoological museums includes over 22 thousand birds belonging to 600 species, 1.5 thousand mammal specimens, 700 eggs taken from bird nests and a large number of insect samples.

Faculty trains highly qualified specialists with higher education in various topics/directions - biologists, ecologists, soil scientists, agrochemists, biochemists, biophysicists, botanists, geneticists and ichthyologists, zoologists for independent Uzbekistan and Central Asia. At the present faculty trainings conducted in the following areas: 5140100-biology, 514100-soil science, 5630100-Ecology and environmental protection, on their basis 12 Master specialists are being trained.

The faculty has formed several scientific schools. The school of zoology was founded by academicians T.Z. Zakhidov, A.T. Tulaganov, scientific school on biochemistry Ya.H. Turakulov and M.N. The Valikhanov Scientific School of Biophysics was founded by Academician B.A. Tashmukhamedov. Scientific School of Botany was founded by Academician I.I. Granitov, a scientific school in soil science and agricultural chemistry, was founded by academician S.N. Ryzhov, a scientific school of genetics founded by Academician DA A. Musaev.

At present, their successors are academicians M. Mavloni, A. Abdullaev, R. Sobirov, J. Azimov, J.S. Sattarov, B.A. Tashmukhamedov, T.F. Aripov, A. Abdukarimov, B. Zaripov, Professor S.N. Dolimov, M. Abdullaeva, L. A. Gafurova, L. S. Kuchkarova, K.S. Safarov, Қ.D. Davronov, Қ. Davronov, H.H. Tursunov, A. Vakhobov, S.A. Abdullaev, U.Z. Mirkhodzhaev, associate professors T. Abdrakhmanov, M. Fakhrutdinova, B. Mўminov, A.K. Safarov and others.
On December 5, 2018 year, branche of the Department of Biology Faculty was opened as part of the Soil Evaluation Institute of the State Committee Uzgeozemkadastr.


In order to strengthen the historical memory and study the spiritual heritage of our ancestors, to familiarize the life path of our contemporaries, regularly holding meetings with young people and giving/showing up examples to follow. Every month, meetings with well-known actorists, scholars, poets and doctors and open conversations on various topical issues are organized at the faculty and student dormitory.
In addition, traditionally holding different competitions “Quvnoqlar va Zukkolar”, “Zakovat” and events “Gullar Bayrami”. “Navruz” is celebrated at the faculty every year. Also, the Women‘s Council of the Faculty holds events with girls students on the observance of traditions and morals. Systematically within the framework of “Meer of Ko’zda”, visiting mentors who worked earlier and retired professors-teachers.


The faculty is widely connected with foreign universities, in particular, the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry based on the Erasmus Mundus program planned for 2010-2017 under an international project,  «CASIA – Central Asia Student International Academic exchange with European Union» bachelors, masters and teachers trained and completed internships at prestigious universities in Europe - Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Universitat fiir Bodenkultur, Austria, University of Hohenheim, Germany, Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Republic, Slovak University of Agriculture, Slovak Republic, The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden, Universidad de Granada. Spain.
On September 20, 2018, a lecture by Temur Yunusov, Doctor of Cambridge University, was held on the topic: “Actual problems of biology and ecology”.

On October 20, 2018, Rector of the Russian Agrarian University named after K.A. Timiryazeva, Dr. /Professor V.P. Chayka visited our faculty.  During the seminar, prospects and agreements on academic partnership were signed. Signed in 2017 between the National University of Uzbekistan. Mirzo Ulugbek and the Russian Agrarian University. K.A. Timiryazev, on the further expansion of cooperation, in particular the opening of the department in the specialty “Organic farming” and joint leadership in the preparation of Master Degree. 

Currently, the Erasmum + Key Aktion 1-Mobilitey program for students and staff is continuing to expand academic exchange with European universities. In addition, participation in lectures of scientists from prestigious universities in Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and the USA has been organized.

In the period from 10.15.2018 to 10.22.2018, the biological faculty of the National University of Uzbekistan was visited by the Nobel laureate, professor of the University of North Carolina, Turkish scientist Aziz Sanjar. He read scientific lectures to students on the topic: “Life devoted to science” and took part of the organization of the “Aziz Sanzhar” Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

Basic Indicators
1182 Professor-o‘qituvchilar soni
26796 Jami talabalar soni
3500000 ARM fondi
52 Yo‘nalish bakalavr
71 Mutaхassislik magistratura