Dean Kadirova Shakhnoza Abduxalilovna
Dean, Doctor of Chemical Sciences
Reception Monday-Saturday, 14:00-17:00
Address Tashkent. Student town st. University-4.
Phone (0 371) 246-07-88

In 1921 year the institute of chemistry was found under Turkistan state university and the subject of chemistry was teaching in 5 department of this university. In 1926 the department of chemistry was found in this institute, and 1930 the faculty of chemistry was found in central Asian State University.

On chemical faculty scientific-invertigation worhe have been developed in eranion of chairs and scientifical laboratories such famous scientifics as O.S. Sadikov, Ksh. V.Usmaanov, K.S.Achmedov, Sh.T.Tolipov, J.P.Zukervanik, A.Sh.Shamsiev, A.M.Muztazaev, A.R.Abdurasuleva, Ch.A.Aslanov, R.S.Tillaev, V.N.Musaev, T.S.Sirlibaev and othess have a great services.
From 1938 to 1985 years (47 years) academic Sh.T. Tolipov, from 1985 to 1988, doctor of science on chemical science, professor Kh.A.Aslonov who achieved the honor of Beruny, from 1988 to 1995 professor T.S. Sirlibayev, during 1995-1996 doctor of science on chemistry, professor A.A. Ziyaev. From 1936 to 2001 doctor of science on chemistry, professor T.M.Boboyev, from 2001 to 2004 years doctor of science on chemistry, professor A.O. Soikov, from 2004 to 2010 years candidate, docent  B.U.Sagdullaev, from 2010 to 2013 years doctor of science on chemistry, professor H.I. Akbarov, from 2013 to 2015 years candidate, docent A. H, Haitbayev. During 2015-2016 years candidate, docent A.J.Kholikov, During 2016-2017 years docent O.Mukhtorov, 2017-2018 years doctor of technical science, professor S.E. Nurmonov and others have leaded the faculty of chemistry. On currently 2018 doctor of chemical science, professor Sh.A. Kadirova has leaded this faculty.


At presence time on faculty have worked 1 academic, 14 doctors of science and 16 candidates of sciences.


  • General and inorganic chemistry: In 1932 has been created as department of inorganic chemistry. On departments classes are given in not chemical, chemical directions. Undergraduates study for departments in masters: chemistry (inorganic chemistry), chemistry oil and gas.
  • Analytical chemistry: In 1933 has been created. On department the directions of a masters are prepared: chemistry (analytical chemistry).
  • Organic chemistry: In 1921 has been created. On department training is carried out in the directions chemistry (organic chemistry) and master: chemistry (organic chemistry). 
  • Physical chemistry: In 1927 has been created. On departments training is carried out in the directions chemistry (organic chemistry) and master: chemistry (physical chemistry) and chemistry of materials and substances (polymeric materials). 
  • Chemistry of polymers: In 1979 has been created. On department training is carried out in the directions chemistry (organic chemistry) and a master: chemistry (chemistry of polymers) and chemistry of materials and substances (polymeric materials). 
  • Chemistry of natural connections: In 1946 has been created. On departments training is carried out in the directions chemistry (organic chemistry) and a magistracy: chemistry (bioorganic chemistry).

On carrying out of study and scientific research works this faculty has cooperated higher republic universities and centers, also international centers: USA (Merrlen state university), Yugoslavia (Bershev and Belgrad university), Israil (Tel-Aviv university), Turkie (Istanbul university), Korea (Korea-Grinfarm) company, Teydjan chemical technology research institute and Choybuk university), Russia («CHEMPROM» manufacturing complex, Aviation materials institute), Belorus (Phisical institute).  This faculty also cooperated Kiev National university, Ukrain STSU fond, International IFAR fond, Novosibirsk NCCP, Chemical factory of Volgograd, institute of oncology and radiology of Russia, Alma-Ata institute of technology and has been cooperated on exchanging of training with other international companies. This faculty have several branches on lyceum vocational colleges, We have cooperated relation ships with them. At this moment republic and international Olympiad winners studied in this faculty.


At the faculty of Chemistry the spiritual activities were carried out, on this activities professors and students were membered. Our talent students regularly attended at different regional and international competition.

This faculty regularly celebrated Navruz for exhibition of national tradition the differend shows were carried out for enjoying students free time activities.

Chairs of faculty:
General and anorganic chemisty.
Analytical chemistry
Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Chemistry of polymers
Chemistry of natural compounds

Brenches of education: 

5140500 chemistry 

Specialities of education.
  • 5A140501- Сhemistry
  • 5A140502-Сhemistry of materials and substances
  • 5A140503-Сhemistry and technology of oil and gas.

Specialities of base doctoranty and doctoranty:
  • 02.00.01. Unorganical chemistry.
  • 02.00.02. Analytical chemistry.
  • 02.00.03. Organic chemistry.
  • 02.00.04. Physical chemistry.
  • 02.00.06. Highmolecular compounds.
  • 02.00.08. Chemistry and technology of oil and gas.
  • 02.00.14. Technology of organical substances and materials on their base.

Scientifical council: D Sc.27.06.2017.K.01.03.
  • 02.00.01. Anorganical chemistry (chemistry sciences)
  • 02.00.02. Analytical chemistry (chemistry sciences)
  • 02.00.03. Organic chemistry (chemistry sciences)
  • 02.00.04.Physical chemistry (chemistry sciences)
  • 02.00.09. Classification and sertification of goods on the base of their chemical composition.

Scientificul schools:

  • Natural compounds and bioorganic chemistry (acad O.S.Sadikov)
  • Reactions of alkylation and acetylation of aromatic compounds (acad. J.P. Zukervanik)
  • Chemistry of hyhgmolecular compounds (acad Kh.V.Usmanov).
  • Colloid of chemistry (acad K.S.Ahmedov).
  • Analytical chemistry (acad. Sh.T.Tolipov).
  • Chemistry of coordinatel compounds (acad.N.A.Parpiev). 

Basic Indicators
1182 Professor-o‘qituvchilar soni
26796 Jami talabalar soni
3500000 ARM fondi
52 Yo‘nalish bakalavr
71 Mutaхassislik magistratura