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All reforms, implemented in economic sphere, arefor improving the well-being of the people, expanding the spiritual world outlook of the young. Young professionals are our successors in providing peace, family unity and a great future. The National University of Uzbekistan is one of the leading universities with a “century old” history not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia. On behalf of science, people and the homeland, the university has prepared leading statesmen and mentors, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Our faculty implements multi-level training programs in the field of economics, management, social work and econometrics. In these areas, talented and ambitious students can find great opportunities for self-realization.

Our faculty seeks to be in the forefront, by preserving a high level of training.

We sincerely hope that you will take your chance in studying in our faculty. I hope that the information you are going to get will help you along your decision making.


UMAROV Abduvakhob Tursunovich

Dean of the Faculty of Economics

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor


Student time - golden time! During academic studies at the Faculty of Economics, students will be able to find close friends with whom you can confidently walk towards the future.



·        The history of the Economic Faculty of the National University of Uzbekistan begins in 1918 from the day the university was established /

·        In 1931 the Faculty of Social and Economic Relations was founded.

·        On the basis of this faculty, the Tashkent Financial Institute, the Institute of Economic Research, the Institute of Agriculture were organized.

·        In 1979, the Faculty of History was separated from the Faculty of Social and Economic Relations. Personnel in the field of economics were trained at the Department of Political Economy until 1990.

·        Since 1991, the Faculty of Economics has been functioning independently.

·        In 2016, the 25th anniversary of the faculty was celebrated.


“ Economic Theory”

“ Macroeconomics”

“Regional Economy”

“Econometrics and economic modeling”

The department of "Economic Theory" was organized in 1967. The department is responsible for training undergraduate and graduate programs of “Economics”. Scientific theme of the department is devoted to «Theoretical problems of the development of a market economy».

The Department of Macroeconomics was organized in 1992. The department is responsible for training undergraduate and graduate programs of "Social work (pension welfare)). Scientific research theme of the department ison "Improving the conceptual foundations of modernization and ensuring sustainable economic growth of the national economy"

The Department of Regional Economics was established in 1992. The department is responsible for personnel training in the field of «Human Resource Management». Scientific research of the department is devoted to «Features of management in a socially oriented market economy» department «Econometrics and economic modeling» was organized in 2016 in accordance with the Presidential Decree «On measures to further improve the activities of the National University of Uzbekistan» PP-2527 approved on 11.05.2016


·        Ministry of Economy and Industry of Republic of Uzbekistan;

·        Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan

·        State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics

·        The Central Bank of Republic of Uzbekistan

·        Off Budget Pension Fund under Ministry of Finance of Republic of Uzbekistan

·        “O‘zkimyosanoat” Stock company

·        “O‘zdonmahsulot” stock company

·        Republican Stock exchange “Tashkent”

·        “O‘zbekinvest Hayot” insurance company

·        “Qishloq Qurilish Bank” commercial stock bank

·        “Agrobank” commercial stock bank

·        “Aloqa Bank” commercial stock bank

·        “Mikrokredit Bank” commercial stock bank

·        The National Bank of Uzbekistan for foreign economic activity

·        “Darv-Bank” commercial stock bank

·        “Xalq Sugurta” insurance company

·        “Xalq Bank” state commercial stock bank

·        “Ipoteka Bank” commercial stock bank

·        “Asaka Bank” state commercial stock bank

·        “Keng Makon” furniture factory


·        Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

·        KDI-Korean Development Institute (Republic of Korea);

·        Yojou Technology Institute (Republic of Korea);

·        Korea Institute of economic policy (Republic of Korea);

·        Prague University of management (Czech Republic)

·        Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology University (Japan);

·        JICA – Japan International Cooperation Agency (Japan);

·        Moscow State University (Russia Federation);

·        Kazan Federal University (Russia Rederation);

·        Kastamonu University (Turkey);

·        Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany).



·        Economic theory;

·        Innovative economy;

·        Macroeconomics;

·        Microeconomics;

·        Marketing;

·        National economy;

·        Corporate governance;

·        International management;

·        HR management;

·        Accounting and auditing;

·        Management;

·        Labor economics;

·        Finance and taxes;

·        Money, credit and banks;

·        Statistics;

·        Economics of the social sector;

·        Social policy;

·        State pension welfare;

·        Financial Mathematics;

·        Econometrics;

·        Econometric modeling.



·        Modeling and forecasting of socio-economic processes;

·        Enterprise economics and innovation management;

·        Business research methods;

·        Enterprise development strategy;

·        Economics of infrastructure;

·        State regulation of the real sector;

·        Government finance;

·        Structure of national economy


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