Department of Regional Economics

Head of the department Sodikov Avazbek Madaminovich
Head of the department, doctor of Philosophy in Economic Sciences (PhD)
Reception Monday-Saturday, 14:00 - 17:00
Address Tashkent. Student town st. University-4.
Phone (0 371) 246-55-36


    In accordance with the Resolution of the rector of the National University of Uzbekistan of June 15,2002,01-381 the “Department of regional Economics  and network economy” were established at the Faculty of Economics.The growing demand for economists in the regions in improving the integration of the Republic of Uzbekistan into the global economic system,activation of scientific research related to the  socio-economic situation and prospects of the regions and establishment of a base chair to become a vital necessity to ensure the quality of thesis dissertations to the specialized Regional Economic Council.Therefore,on the basis of the order of the rector of the university on June 29,2005,the “Regional economy” was organized on the basis of the “Regional economy and Branch economy” chair.

   The department was headed by Professor Kayumov Abduhakim Abduhamidovich,Doctor of Geographical Sciences in 2002-2011.The department has a magistracy on a speciality “Regional department” where more than 18 masters have been trained.

   At the department the following subjects were taught at the magistracy:”Economy of branches”,”Formation and development of labor resources”,”Economic potential of Uzbekistan”,”Globalization of the world economy”,”World economy and geopolitics”,”Demographic state and prognosis”.

   Department of Management was founded in 1991 under the name “Economics and Production Management”,in 1998,due to the deepening of market relarions and increasing demand for managerial personnel,the name of the department was renamed “ management”

   The department of “Management” was headed by doctor of economic sciences,professor Muhhiddinov Renat Muzaffarovich in 1991-2002,docent Sodikova Iroda Anvarovna in 2002-2005,doctor of economic sciences Mamatov Ahmadjon Atajanovich in 2006-2011.

   In 2011 the Department of “Regional Economics” was organized at the Department of “Regional Economics” by the department “Regional Economics”.In 2011,the candidate of economic sciences,docent Muminov Nozim Gafforovich,candidate of geographical sciences,associate professor Kholmirzaev Axmadjon Akhunovich,the candidate of economic sciences,docent Rakhmonov Rasul Nematovich in 2016-2017.Nowdays the department is headed by the candidate of economic sciences,docent Khoshimov Pazliddin Zukhurovich.The department prepares bachelors in the “Human Resource Management” direction.

   Nowdays the following professor-teachers work at the department:c.e.s.doc Khoshimov P.Z.C.; d.e.s., doc. Sadikov A.M.,d.e.s., prof. Abdusalyamov M.A.; d.g.s., prof. KayumovA.A.; d.g.s., doc. Kholmirzaev A.A.;  c.e.s. doc. Majidov N.M.; c.e.s. doc. Rahmonov M.N.; c.e.s. doc.  Djumanova R.F.;  c.e.s. doc. Fayzieva Sh.P., doc. Bekmurodov H.X.; doc.Adilov B.B., s.l. Nigmatova D.Z.;  s.t. Elmonov B.

   Since the establishment of the department,all the documents of the department have been fully formed,and the curriculum for  all disciplines taught by the department has been completely updated,taking into account the specifications and specialities of the faculty.Textbooks and Textbooks on subjects have been prepared and published.


Basic Indicators
1182 Professor-o‘qituvchilar soni
26796 Jami talabalar soni
3500000 ARM fondi
52 Yo‘nalish bakalavr
71 Mutaхassislik magistratura