Department of Cartography

The role of the department in the scale of the university and faculty

The Department of Cartography is one of the largest departments in the university. The department is basic in training qualified bachelor‘s specialists in the field of education 5311500 - Geodesy, cartography and cadastre, as well as master‘s degree 5311502 - Geodesy and Cartography. The department has opened a basic doctoral (PhD) and doctoral (DcS) specialty 11.00.06 - “Geodesy. Cartography". Currently, 2 doctoral students and 3 intern researchers are working on dissertation research in this direction.

History of the department

The department was founded in 1921 by Professor N.I. Lebedinsky. From 1921-1945 The department functioned as part of different faculties. In 1945, after the establishment of the Faculty of Geography, Department entered his composition entitled "Geodesy and Cartography" and led classes in their various subjects "Fundamentals of topography", "Geodesy", "Cartography". In 1947, in order to ensure the needs of the Central Asian personnel on cartography specialty was opened specialty "geographer - cartographer," and in the same year was accepted 17 students in this area of education. Since 1948, the following professors and teachers headed the department in turn: Тopographer F.L. Tropkin, professor. I.G. Krasovsky, senior. teacher. I.G. Chernyak, assocate professors. H.W. Pebbles, prof. T. Mirzaliev, associate professors E.G. Brodsky, P.E. Butenko, L.H. Gulyamova, A. Egamberdiev and Kh.M. Mubarakov. Now the department is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences prof. E.Yu. Safarov.

Training work

In accordance with the curriculum in the specialty "Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre", for 1-4 courses for general professional disciplines, including, “Cartography”, “Designing and compiling general geographic maps”, “Nature Maps”, “Geographic Information Systems (GIS)”, “Fundamentals of state cadastres”, “Real Estate Cadastre, etc., disciplines in the specialty - "Socio-economic cartography", “Design and compilation of cadastral maps”, etc. With students of the 3rd year at the enterprises of the State Committee for Land Use and in its subdivisions, there are training, practical and practical training before graduation qualification works in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the regions.

Educational-methodical work

In the period from 2008 to 2014 members of the department prepared and approved state educational standards (SES), curricula and sample programs of disciplines in the direction of education.
5311500 - Geodesy, cartography and cadastre, as well as specialty master’s degree 5A311502 - Geodesy and Cartography, which conducts classes. Currently, members of the department are working in collaboration with relevant universities to develop qualification requirements in the field of education undergraduate and graduate programs.
Over the past 10 years, members of the department prepared and published a number of textbooks and teaching aids for students in the direction of geodesy, cartography and cadastre, as well as for professional colleges. For example, prof. T. Mirzaliev, E. Safarov, assoc. prof A. Egamberdiev, J. Karaboev - Kartashunoslik (for university students) and other books. In addition, members of the department, together with the State National Production Enterprise Cartography, are actively involved in the preparation of wall study maps and geographic atlases intended for higher and secondary educational institutions.

Scientific research work

Research work of the department members is dedicated to the topic “Scientific and methodological foundations of cartographic support of the national economy and education”. The members of the department are actively involved in the development of all cartographic works, writing books of the new generation in the cartography and cadastre system, as well as in the development of educational standards and curriculum. Currently, members of the department are actively involved in the development of special content and the preparation of the author‘s original maps included in the fundamental cartographic work, created pursuant to a special order of the Cabinet of Ministers dated March 15, 2018 “On the creation of the National Atlas of Uzbekistan”. The results of this work are published in materials of international and republican scientific and practical conferences.

In accordance with the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No., 213-F dated May 13, 1998, the department prepared and published the “Geographical Atlas of Uzbekistan” for educational institutions with the participation of T. Mirzaliev, A. Egamberdiev and E. Safarov. This atlas participated in the contest entitled “Authors of the best textbook and study guide of the year” for the 2000-2001 school year conducted by the Republican Foundation “Ustoz” of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and the Ministry of Public Education and declared the winner.

The Department today


Currently, the department has 2 Doctors of Sciences - professors, 1 PhD - Associate Professor, 2 senior teachers and 2 teachers, they conduct classes with students in the specialty. Since January 2013 members of the department took an active part in the program of the European Union TEMPUS "TEMPUS - GE-UZ: Geoformatika: sustainable development in Uzbekistan", designed for 2013-2015. Within the framework of the project, members of the department took part in promotion courses organized at universities in Hungary (Western Hungary), Austria  (Salzburg) and in England (Greenwich). 2013 members of the department participated in the Erasmus Mundus Program project (545696-EM-1-2013-1-AT-ERA MUNDUS-EMA21) gSmart. The work was conducted by the coordinator of this program in Uzbekistan, the head of the department prof. Safarov E. Yu. Under this program, the senior teacher of the department Sh.M. Prenov completed an internship at the University of Sopron, Hungary and received a PhD degree.

Professors and teachers leading activities at the department :

1)Safarov Eshqobul Yuldashovich ( Head of the department , professor)

2)Asomberdi Egamberdiev (professor)

3)Qoraboev Jo`raboy Saraboevich (docent)

4)Salokhitdinova Sevar Saidaminovna (Senior teacher )

5)Shavkat Mametsalievich Prenov (Senior teacher )

6)Abdujalil Abdusalomovich Mo`minov (teacher)

7)Yusupov Bakhriddin Normo`minovich (teacher)

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