Geology and geoinformation systems

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Faculties of Geology and Geography by decision of an extraordinary meeting of the Academic Council of the NUUz. No. 4 of November 18-November 2014 in accordance with the order of the rector of the NUUz. No. 01-412 of November 18-November 2014 were merged as a faculty of "Geology and Geography".

The geological direction of education began to be formed in 1920 as part of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Turkestan State University. In 1945 the independent faculty of "Geology" has been organized. 
Despite the fact that geographic studies of the nature of our region have been carried out since the first years of the university, the training of specialists geographers with higher education began in 1935.
The offices and departments of the faculty of geology and geography within the university began to form in the twenties of the last century. So, in 1920, the Department of Geography of Turkestan was organized at the military faculty, which was headed by a prominent scientist, famous researcher of Central Asia, Professor N.L. Korzhenevsky. 
In the same years, the departments of "Mineralogy" and "General Geology" (A.S.Uklonsky, V.I. Popov, Z.F. Gorizdro-Kulchitskaya) were organized. In 1921 the department of "Geodesy" was created, headed by Professor N.I. Lebedinsky. In 1935 the faculty of Geology, Soil Science and Geography was opened at the university. In the same year, the department of "Physical and Economic Geography" was organized at this new faculty. The first issue of geographers who received a university education, was held in the autumn of 1939. 

During the work of the faculty, scientific directions and scientific schools were formed, such as: "Physical Geography and Landscape Studies", "Economic and Social Geography", "Cartography", "Hydrology of Mountain Territories", "Magmatism and Geodynamics", "Micro- and nanomineralogy of natural and Technogenic Processes, Sedimentary Formations and Sedimentary Ores, Lithology and Sedimentary Formations of Central Asia, Genetic Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Central Asia, Magnetism and Paleomagnetism of Rocks. 
In the field of geological sciences, the faculty has good connections with major scientific and educational institutions of foreign countries, in particular: Germany (Bayrot, Potsdam, Erfurt and DAAD), Russia (MSU, Tomsk State University, Novosibirsk State University, St. Petersburg State University, Omsk The Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, GIN), Norway (the University of Tromso), Ukraine (Kiev State University), as well as with the scientific and educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and others. 

In the field of geographical research, strong fruitful links have been established with the universities of Russia, Japan, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and other countries of the near and far abroad. At present, the staff of the Department of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre participate in the implementation of the project gSmart-545696-EM-1-2013-1-AT-ERA MUNDUS-EMA under the Erasmus-Mundus program, as well as the TEMPUS GE-UZ project "Geoinformatics : enabling sustainable development in Uzbekistan" As part of these projects, leading professors and teachers, as well as young researchers, have upgraded their qualifications in prestigious institutions of higher education in Hungary and Austria. 
Departments of the faculty: 


Geochemistry and Mineralogy

Geophysical methods of research


Geodesy and Cartography

Hydrology and Hydrogeology

Geodinamics and Tectonics

At departments of faculty work 16 professors, 46 associate professors, 22 senior teachers and 28 teachers ; besides 29 highly qualified specialists are involved in teaching activity in combination. From among the faculty 2 persons are awarded ranks "Excellent Student of National Education" and "Honoured Worker of National Education of Uzbekistan", One teacher was awarded the Order "Shuhrat". 
Currently more than 950 students of a bachelor degree, 100 undergraduates and 8 doctoral candidates of trainees-researchers study at faculty.
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