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Address Tashkent. Student town st. University-4.
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A history faculty was founded in 1935, History of ancient world, History of ancient world History of the middle ages and History of new period departments were active. Afterwards, new faculties,,such as Archaeology, The middle ages and new history (gradually world history, Literary criticism, archival and museology, Ethnology were joined to the faculty.

Faculty activity was ruled by I.Dodonov, D.Lobashev, A.Hamraev, X.Hamroev, L.Gentshke, G.Kovolyov, O.Toshmuhammedov, G.A.Hidoyatov, A.S.Sagdullaev, X.G.Gulomov, Z.U.Choriev, A.C.Tatibaev, Z.R.Ishonxojaeva, M.M.Haydorov. Nowadays, A.Muminov leads to the faculty.


History of Uzbekistandepartment was founded in 1939. It was united with History of Uzbekistan department in 2014 an so it was named like this. This department conducts research within the context of Role of Uzbekistan in the development of world civilization. Today, professors R.H.Murtazaeva, Z.R.Ishonxojaeva, X.E.Yusupova and O.P.Kobzeva go on contributing to faculty of activity. World history department began own work in 1935. The department is the only centre in our Republic which in branch of studying the problems of world history sciences. In 2000, 5A120302-History (General history) magistracy on the basis of the department was opened. In 2017, The team of the department was awarded the OT-A-1-99 Grant of the first issue of the World Literature based 

on foreign literature.

Literary criticsm and archival department was founded in the faculty of history, in 1991. Bachelor of Archival branch was opened in the front of Department of Oriental studies and special historical sciences in 2003 July. In June 2011, the university opend again 5320300 Bachelors degree in history of Archives, speciality, History and Archives, Theory and practice of achieve work, magistry specialties Arxeografiy".

   M.M.Masson founded to Archaeology department in 1940 on the first of April. Since 1999, masters specialty such as, 5A120401 Archaeology, 5A120402- Ethnography, ethnology and anthropology, 5A120403 Ethnogenesis (ethnic history of the uzbek people) began own work, activity. In 2007-2008, departure of bachelor degree was opened in the department and also since then, students are accepted. Professor of the department A.S.Sagudullayev was rewarded with An Academic Status. Educational cabinet museum which was founded in 1940 is acting at the Department of Archaeology.


Students put into practice analyzing, findings, classification, practical exercises on Fiksatsia and Restavratia

. And also there are archaeological stock in museum. Archaeology field materials of the department are saved in it. GIS laboratory was founded which has modern equipments at the department of Archaeology.

The laboratory is provided with equipments for scientific and scientific-technical researchers. Nowadays, archaeologic monuments of Tashkent city, Tashkent region and Karshi oasis are studied by the GIS laboratory.

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