Department of History of Uzbekistan


The department of “History of Uzbekistan” was created by assistant professor K. Jitov in 1935. The department “History of Uzbekistan” was renamed as “History” from December 1, 2011, and in 2014 was united with department “History of Uzbekistan” and nowadays named “History of Uzbekistan” 
Acad. A.R.Muhammadjonov, prof. Z.U.Choriev, prof. V.L.Gentshke, prof. G. Kholliev, prof. A. Golovanov, prof. B.J. Eshov, and prof. O’. Mavlonov worked at the department. 
Nowadays the department has the following professors: R.H.Murtazaeva, Z.R.Ishankhodjaeva, O.P.Kobzeva, associate professors: R.B.Siddikov, N.T.Polvonov, A.A.Odilov, D.M.Inoyatova, T.I.Doroshenko, S.M.Atajanova, A.B.kholiqulov, K.A.Tukhtabekov, K.D.Saipova, senior lecturers: А.М.Khidirov, А.А.Insopov, teachers: F.A.Akramova, J.E.Togaev, U.A.O‘sarov, O.Alimardonov. 
The head of the chair: prof. H.E.Yunusova. 
There are 2 special master of degree types - 5A120301-“History of Uzbekistan” and 5A120303 - "Public Administration and Local Self-Government specialties". 
At the department there is a scientific center which is called Interethnic relations and tolerance. Head of the center - professor Murtazaeva Rakhbarkhon Hamidovna. Professors and teachers of the department are active and productive in innovative and fundamental research works on the grant of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 
Junior teacher of the department J.E.Togaev received a certificate №000070 titled “Creation collection of 3D models of architectural monuments of an antiquity of Uzbekistan” on 04.06.2015 the State unitary enterprise “INTELLECT EXPERT” under the Intellectual property agency. 
There are two fundamental grants in the department:
OT-F-1-88, “The role of the principle of tolerance in the socio-political and spiritual development of Uzbekistan (from the ancient times to the present day)”, 
OT-F1-109 “Ground-water relations of Uzbekistan (since the most ancient times up to nowadays)” 
“History of the Uzbek Statehood” is the general theme of the department. Members of the department have been studying the history of the Uzbek statehood in Central Asia and Uzbekistan from the ancient times to the nowadays, mutual trade, cultural relations, the history of the world civilization, the life and activities of Central Asian thinkers, the state of Amir Temur and its governance issues, Uzbek khanates, socio-economic, political processes, Central Asian toponyms, the relations between the Empire and Central Asian khanates, the history of the establishment of the Soviet state in Turkistan, repressions, the history of the Soviet state in Uzbekistan, the history of interethnic relations in Uzbekistan, as well as the transition of Uzbekistan‘s independence to market relations, the idea of ​​national independence and its role in society, reforming and research. 
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3500000 ARM fondi
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