Chair of World History


     Department of “World History” began its activity in 1935 under the name of a “New and Modern History”. Some departments of the faculty, such as the “History of Eurasia”, “The History of the Asian and African countries”, also a “New and modern history" have been united and since 1988 have been called the “World (Global) history". Today the head of the department is the candidate of historical sciences, dotsent Dilshod Jamoliddinovich Urakov. From 1988 year after the uniting some departments of the faculty such as "The History of Eurasia”, “The History of the Asian and African countries”, and “New and modern history"  department have been called "World history".

     More than 3000 highly qualified specialists were trained by the department, more than 20 of them became doctors of the sciences, and more than 180 became candidates of science.            

     At the department worked famous scientists, such as G.A.Xidoyatov, T.S.Sattorov, T.K.Khodjayev, R.F.Farmonov, G.A.Ahmedjonov, A.M.Matveyev, X.G.Gulomov..

     Currently, at the department works scientists, such as D.J.Urakov,A.G.Kholliyev, S.I.Gabrielyan, R.N.Tursunov, O.A.Makhmudov, A.A.Razakov, A.A.Biykuziyev, B.B.Khaynazarov, R.Jurayev.

     Currently, the department has a master‘s degree in History (in terms of directions and countries). The research activity of the department is related to the theme "Actual problems of the study of world history". Within the framework of this activity, scientific and educational-methodical manuals are prepared and published.

      Members of the faculty within the framework of international cooperation increased their qualifications in leading universities in Europe and Asia: University of Belifeld (Germany), University of Exeter (United Kingdom), Education planning and adminstration of the National University of India, Moscow State University (Russia).

      At present, the department cooperates with several scientific and educational institutions of our country: The Institute of History at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Chirchik State Pedagogical Institute of the Tashkent region; Nukus State University; Karshi State University; Termez State University; Samarkand State University; Namangan State University; Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami; University of World Economy and Diplomacy

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