Chair of Archaeology


The department of Archaeology of the Central Asian State University (now the M. Ulugbek NUU) was founded under the leadership of M.E. Masson on April 1, 1940 y . Then department headed by prof. M.E. Masson (1940-1967), prof. S.B. Lunin (1967-1981), doct. Z.I. Usmonov (1981-1992), prof. A.S. Sagdullaev (1992-1998), prof., R.Kh. Suleimanov (1992-2006) Today, the head of the department is PhD. F.B. Ochildiev.

M. Masson‘s students are leading archaeologists of Central Asia, many of them are academicians and members of correspondents of academies in CIS countries.

   The opening of the Department of Archaeology at the Samarkand State university (STU) (1940) and the creation of the Archaeology department in the Institute of History and Archaeology (1943) under the Academy of Sciences were remarkable situation and this events represented that archaeology is important.   It is clear that department of archaeology aimed to increase science, culture, tourism and most importantly provide with well-educated students. The students trained at the Department of Archaeology eventually became notable specialists not only in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, but also in strange near and far abroad countries. So for, existence department has prepared: prof. M.E. Masson, academic. G.A. Pugachenkov,  N.G. Malitsky,  L.V. Oshanina and so on. And also we can add A.A. Semenova, N.I. Petrushevsky, S.N. Zamyatina prof, V.P. Smirnov, E.V. Davidovich, B. A. Litvinsky, E. V. V. Rtveladze, V.M. Masson, V.M. Sarianidi, N.I. Krashenichnitova, Yu.F. Buryakova, O.B. Oblchenko, B.D. Kochneva, R.Kh. Suleymanov, G.Ya. Drevyanskaya, A.S. Sagdullaev and others.

From 30-40 - years of the last century the department began to train local staff. So the first man in this path was Ya.G. Gulyamov, the scientific and pedagogical way passed by him became a model of future Uzbek archaeologists.

In the years of independence, the staff of the department continues to participate in excavations in the southern regions of Uzbekistan.    A.Sh. Shaydullaev participates in the Uzbek-Czech archaeological expeditions since 2008. This expedition in 2008-2012 conducted excavations in Djandavlattepa (in Surkhandary), 2016-2017 in the Qayrit site. A.Sh. Shaydullaev is a participant of the international grant as “From the footsteps of great Alexander” within the framework he achieved number of goals too.

Teacher Annayev in the 2016-2017 years, participated in the Uzbek-Chinese archaeological expedition. He took part in the excavations of the Talitogor monument in the Termiz district of the Surkhondarya region. The collective of the department signed several collective agreements with the Karshi State University on cooperation in the educational, scientific and research and production spheres, and with the Ministry of Culture made agreement about carrying out scientific research on the preservation of archaeological monuments, the museum of history of Uzbekistan, with the methodological center of the modern history besides with the State Museum of Art on the preservation, restoration and museums of monuments etc.Bachelor and Master students, independent researchers of the department of professors and teachers of archeology as well as ethnology carry out studies with the History’ Institute of the Tashkent Academy of Sciences, the teacher of the department Shaydullaev A.Sh., AnnaevZh.T., Muminov O.U. by their scientific research, they carry out archaeological research Surkhondaryn regions of the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age, Professor R.KH. Suleymanov, Sh. B. Shonazarov, graduate student Sh. Parmanov.
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