Department of English Philology

The Department of English Philology was organized in 1962 as part of the Romane-Germanic Faculty. In the years of organization, the department has set itself the main task of creating a new, highly qualified scientific and pedagogical team and training leading specialists for universities and institutions of secondary education of the republic. Since that time, the staff of the department conducts scientific and methodological work according to the requirements of the educational process in such linguistic areas as theoretical phonetics and grammar, stylistics and translation, the history of language and lexicology. As a result, a number of teachers of the department, including Nazirova Sh.O., Yusupova Sh.B., Sadullaeva N.A., Siddikova I.A., Juraeva I.A, Djumabaeva J.Sh., defended successfully the thesis, made its contribution to the rise of the scientific potential of the department.

In 2013, the department was renamed as the Department of English Philology. Since 2014, Associate Professor J. Sh. Djumabaeva has been in charge of the department. Associate Professor J.Sh. Djumabaeva pays special attention to the organization of a scientific seminar, also attracts teachers to participate in various online seminars and courses on teaching English. Professor, Doctor of Philology Yusupov U.K. 2009 - 2012 was a member of the Joint Specialized Council K.067.44.02 on the protection of candidate and doctoral dissertations at the Uzbek State University of World Languages. Professor, Doctor of Philology Yusupov U.K. - created a school of comparative linguistics.

The direction of education 5120100-Philology and language teaching (English) is widely associated with various philological and social, philosophical, psychological, pedagogical and other subjects. The following subjects are taught at the department in this direction:

Integration of language skills; Integrated skills.

History of foreign language;

English lexicology.

Country studies of the studied language (Great Britain);

Introduction to German philology;

Methods of teaching a foreign language;

Country studies of Uzbekistan;

English as a Second Language (in Groups I-IV of the German Philology course);


In the magistracy of the specialty 5A120102-Linguistics (English) the following subjects are taught:

The main foreign language;

Theoretical bases of comparative linguistics

The method of teaching special subjects.

Cognitive linguistics;

Fundamentals of psycholinguistics;

Text linguistik

Modern linguistic directions

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