Department of philosophy and logic

The Department of Philosophy and Logic of the National University of Uzbekistan has a history of almost eighty years and is the cornerstone of the current Faculty of Social Sciences, which was founded on the basis of the Faculty of Philosophy.In May 2016, the Department of Philosophy and the Department of History of Philosophy and Logic of the Faculty of Social Sciences merged and continues to operate under the name of the Department of Philosophy and Logic.

Head of the Department of Philosophy and Logic, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Sh.O.Madaeva, Professors Sh. Azizov, G.Ruzmatova, G. Mahmudova, associate professors D. Fayzikhojaeva, R. Karimov, H. Tukhtaev, O. Stepanova, M. Yakubova, senior teacher M. Tolaganova, M. Niyazembetov, O. Majidova, H. Toshov, teachers A. Amirov, D.Khojayev and PhD researchers, professors and teachers.

The department is the cradle of philosophy, history of philosophy and logic formed in Uzbekistan for several generations, and has the experience and school of several generations of scientists and philosophers who have carried out scientific and pedagogical work in this field. The scientific and pedagogical activity of the members of the department is closely connected with modern scientific research in the field of history of philosophy and logic.

The Department of Philosophy and Logic is the main department in the field of these areas in the country, where currently 5A120501-History of Philosophy, 5A120504-Ontology, Gnoseology, Logic and from the 2020-2021 academic year 5A120501-Philosophy (by industry) There are master‘s degrees in their specialties. These courses teach philosophy, history of philosophy, and current issues and the fundamentals of logic. Philosophy and Logic 09.00.01-Ontology, Theory of Knowledge and Logic, 09.00.03 PhD in History of Philosophy, DSc is the basic department for obtaining academic degrees.

The department has a regular methodological seminar and the scientific circle "Epistema" and "Mayevtika" for many years.

At present, the number of disciplines taught at the department is 36, and in the bachelor‘s degree in general sciences such as History of Philosophy, History and Logic of Logic, Philosophy of Natural Sciences, Methods of Teaching Philosophy, Philosophical Fundamentals of Information Technology, Social Philosophy. , History of philosophy of the peoples of Central Asia, special courses in Cultural Anthropology are taught. Sample and working programs, textbooks, teaching aids and teaching aids have been prepared.

Members of the department regularly participate in international and CIS conferences.Only in 2017 did the Ph.D. Sh.O. Madaeva at the 18th traditional conference of the CESS Foundation for Central Asian Studies at the University of Washington, USA; f.f.n., dots. DEFayzikhodjaeva at the X Smirnov International Conference of Logic Studies at Moscow State University named after MVLomonosov, the International Forum of Scientists and Experts on the Modern Polyethnic State: National Models and Development Strategies in Astana, as well as the One Belt One Road project. He participated in a roundtable discussion on cooperation in the field of higher education of the People‘s Republic of China and the Republic of Uzbekistan, held at the Pedagogical University.

Professor GMRuzmatova, Associate Professor GTKobulniyozova, Masters D.Rakhimdjanova, S.Bobokulov, A.Bobokulov at the International Conference "Science and Education in the Modern World: Challenge of the XXI Century" held in 2019 in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan actively participated.

The department has well-established international and national cooperation and advanced training of researchers from abroad. In particular, Claire Roosien, PhD student at the University of Chicago under the Fulbright Foundation of the US Department of State, worked as a PhD student at the Department of Philosophy and Logic from April 1 to June 26, 2017, held lectures and seminars for undergraduates.

Senior Lecturer of the Department PhD HI Toshov was awarded the “Tahsin” Prize by the Youth Union of Uzbekistan on December 17, 2019 for his strong will and perseverance in the development of science.

From January 20 to February 20, 2020 the head of the department, Professor Sh.O.Madayeva was trained by the Fund "El-yurt umidi" under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Madrid, Spain. increased.

On May 28, 2020, Zoom hosted an international scientific-practical conference on "Uzbekistan and Central Asia: current issues, integration and prospects for the social sciences and humanities in the XXI century." The conference was attended by more than 10 foreign professors and more than 60 professors and students from our country.

The department regularly organizes international and national conferences on topical issues of philosophy and logic.

Professors and teachers of the department published 12 scopus articles during the 2019-2020 academic year alone.

In recent years, researchers M. Tolaganova, H.I. Toshov, T.Khojiev received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and M.K. Niyazembetov and K. Ruzmatzoda received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (DSc).

The members of the department are from a number of countries, including the Department of Ontology and Theory of Cognition of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, the Department of Ontology of St. Petersburg State University, the Department of Philosophy and Methodology of Science of Semipalatinsk State University, the Department of Philosophy of South Kazakhstan University and the Faculty of Islamic Studies of Bonn University, Slovakia. Nitra University has established scientific relations with the Department of Religious Studies and other universities.

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