Pedagogy and general psychology department

The issue of education is one of the priorities in the state policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The comprehensive support of teachers, mentors from the state, practical measures to improve their social status - all this is reflected in the growing interest of young people in the mastery of pedagogical activity.

At the National University, where the main purpose of training highly qualified personnel is the integration of science and education, as well as production, a significant number (25-30%) of graduates in the future plan to carry out their teaching activities in secondary general and secondary educational institutions.

The department, as the main unit coordinating the educational process, functions at the Faculty of Social Sciences and implements the principles of humanism in preparing students for future educational activities (the formation of pedagogical skills in teaching and education; personal qualities; competence with active monitoring and evaluation of knowledge, students).

The task of the department is to teach the subject "General Pedagogy" and "General Psychology", methodological support of the training module "Methods of teaching subject", participation in ensuring the quality of teaching practice, as well as the introduction of advanced teaching and information technologies in the educational process.

The faculty of the Department of Pedagogy and General Psychology performs the following main tasks aimed at developing education and improving the system of training highly qualified personnel:

- organizing and giving lectures based on the requirements of the State Standard of Higher Education, conducting practical, seminar and other types of classes at a high scientific-theoretical, scientific-methodical and professional level;

- formation of students‘ value-related attitude to teaching, as well as respectful attitude to the teaching profession, organization of work on the mutual cooperation of gifted students and teachers in the Ustoz-shogird system;

- introduction into the educational process of innovative forms and teaching methods, the study of advanced tools and practices of the organization of project and innovation activities at the university;

- development of proposals and recommendations for expanding the possibilities of introducing into the educational process pedagogical and information technologies, preparing textbooks, teaching aids, electronic textbooks, according to the curriculum;

- organization of mutual scientific cooperation in the specialty of pedagogy with national and foreign universities, as well as with specialized academic councils.

The history of the department is associated with the name of the leader of the Jadid movement of Central Asia, the creator of the new method schools of the twentieth century, one of the organizers of the new national theater, writer, poet, mentor, editor, educator and public figure Munavvar Qori Abdurashidkhon ugli.

The chair was headed in different years: Abdulla Avloni, Associate Professor Yusuf Tohiri, Associate Professor Arkhangelsky Nikolay Porfirievich (1960-1964), Professor Yusuf Umarov (1964-1971), Professor Rakhimjon Usmonov (1971-1985), Associate Professor Leonid Zhdarkin (1985-1991), associate professor Yedgorov Rakhmonzhon Yodgorovich (1991-1992), professor Naim Rakhimovich Gaybullaev (1992-2004), professor Nurali Saydhamedov (2004-2006), professor Kodirov Botir Rakhmonkulovich (2006 - 2008), associate professor Mazhidov Nabi Makhmudovich (2008-2014), associate professor Dalimova Nilufar Meliboevna (2014-2016), associate professor Mavlonov Mamajon Mustafoevich (2016-2018).

The faculty of the department is actively involved in the spiritual and educational life of the republic, thereby making a significant contribution to its development. During the leadership of the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor N.Gaybullaev, a scientific school was created at the department in the specialty 13.00.01 - Theory and History of Pedagogy; over 20 researchers, his students became defended dissertations on the assignment of the titles of candidates and doctors of pedagogical sciences.

From 2018, a scientific council began to function, for the issuance of scientific degrees DSc.28.12. 2017.Ped.01.09 at the National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology and Tashkent Pedagogical Institute. This allowed to prepare scientific and pedagogical specialists in the specialty 13.00.02 - “Theory and methods of teaching and teaching” (natural and exact sciences). Today, members of the department are actively involved in the activities of this scientific council.

Along with this, members of the department are actively involved in the activities of the Scientific Council DSc.27.06. 2017.Ped.26.01 at the Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami, at the Council of the Central Institute of Advanced Training for Education Workers named after A. Avloni, Scientific Council DSc.30.05. 2018.Ped.69.01 at the Head Scientific and Methodological Center, Scientific and Technical Council on “Philology, Psychology and Pedagogy” at the Ministry of Innovative Development.

In addition, members of the department in collaboration with the UNESCO office in Uzbekistan are working on the project “National Workshop on ICT Competences of Teachers”.

Today, the department carries out a practical research project P3-20170929789 on the topic: “Development of mechanisms for improving the use of leading pedagogical and modern information and communication technologies in the process of education in higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan”, which is planned for implementation in 2018-2020.

- In 2018, within the framework of the project, a scientific-practical conference was organized on the theme: “The introduction of leading pedagogical and modern information and communication technologies in the process of education of higher educational institutions: practice and prospects”;

- the educational and methodical complex on the subject “General Pedagogy” was revised and introduced into the educational process with recommendations on the application of pedagogical technologies in a thematic section;

- In collaboration with the project partners, monthly training sessions are held on “Leading pedagogical and modern technologies in the educational process”, which help to improve the pedagogical skills of the faculty of the social sciences faculty of the National University of Uzbekistan.

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