Department of Civil Society and Law

In 1995, the Tashkent State University (now National University of Uzbekistan  ) in the Republic of Uzbekistan was one of the first, which he  Universitesi February 15, 1995, the rector of 01-21 in the annexed buyrug`iga the Faculty of Philosophy at the invitation of the " social-political theory " and " the faculties of social and political relations theory " based on the combined departments, " political science " was named chair of the department and on the basis of " political science " educational direction.From 1995 to 2013, the department studied 437 bachelors and 180 masters. 

The reforms carried out in Uzbekistan, the first President of the Republic of  Uzbekistan Islam Karimov of Ministers of the works and h adopted resolutions of the Cabinet and me`yoriy- legal nature and content of the documents in order to fully teach Ministers 1996 h belt topshirig`iga The department "Theory and practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan" was established. 

In the 2007-2008 academic year, by order of the rector of the National University of Uzbekistan, the departments of "Political Science" and "Theory and Practice of Building a Democratic Society in Uzbekistan" of the Faculty of Philosophy were merged. This department was renamed the Department of Political Science.

According to the order of the rector of the University dated November 1, 2014 No 01-394, the department of " Political Science " was renamed "Theory and practice of building a democratic state and civil society." 

Oh vaccine, May 11, 2016, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "O National University of Uzbekistan on measures to further Improve the performance of" On 2527 Resolution of the National University of structures included in the update were not permitted, "the Democratic chair Theory and practice of state building.  

Rector of the University Oct 4, 2019 , No. 01-811 on the basis of buyrug`i given "to build a democratic state Department of" Theory and Practice "and" National Indipendance together immediately as a result, the department called "Civil society and human rights education".

2020-2021 academic year , the department has 38 teachers and go to work on the basis of o`rindoshlik , including 12 doctors -professorlar , 8 , doctor of philosophy (PhD), 6 candidates of sciences, 3 senior teachers, 5 teachers and 4 trainee teachers work on. In addition, there are 13 base doctoral (PhD) and 2 doctoral (DSC) have operated in Bayonne. The scientific potential of the department is 68 %, the average age of the department is  45 years.

From the 2017-2018 academic year at the department 23.00.00 - In the field of political science 23.00.01 - " Theory, history and methodology of political science ", 23.00.02 - "Political institutions, processes and technologies" , 23.00.03- "Political culture and ideology", 09.00.04- "Social philosophy", 09.00.05- " National Indipendance targ`ibot technologies ", 09.00.06- " Indipendance history and methodology " (philosophy), specialized assets There are basic doctoral, doctoral and independent research institutes for ( PhD ) and ( DSc ) degrees.

2019-2020 academic year on the basis of the department " National Indipendance, the basics of spirituality and legal education " and " direction of teaching methods of the social sciences and humanities (spirituality) to" specialty . One of the masters is a holder of the State Scholarship named after Navoi and one is a holder of the State Scholarship named after I.Karimov. Master S. Jumayev is a holder of the badge "Badge of Uzbekistan" and a member of the "Youth Parliament" under the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Andijan region.

“Development strategy of Uzbekistan. Civil society " all university undergraduate areas of science are taught . 

5111600 - " Introduction to the specialty" , " History of national ideas and ideologies " , " National ideas and ethnocultural values " , " Family " for the direction " National idea, spirituality and legal education " naviyati " ," Social development of modern Pursuing " ," Fundamentals of Giyosiyosat Ma`naviyatshunoslik ", " ", " National Indipendance and inter-ethnic relations " ," Speaking s an`ati " ," Speaking san`ati and speech " "The development of the National Indipendance system of values" , " Geosiosat and moral threats" , " Akseologiya" , " National g`oyaviy basis of" development , " the philosophy of education and training" , " Social philosophy" , " human rights only l Safari ", " theory and history of State and Law " , " Constitutional law " and " international law " , " International and human rights rights " , " Civil Law " , " Criminal Law " , " Right to Work " , " Family Law " " Finance Law " and " property rights" , " environmental rights " only fires have been a teacher. In addition, the " philosophy" focus " Si y Osato and legal philosophy of" teaching .       

5A-111601 - " teaching methods of the social sciences and humanities (spirituality) to" specialty " on the teaching methods of the social sciences and humanities ", " Science and research methodology qot ", " East and G`arb ma` naviyati ", " social processes to design, forecasting and modeling "," Central Asia GEOSS process by me "," Globalization and spirituality "," higher education system of international experience in teaching social sciences and humanities "," social life " Modernization processes ", "Methods of organizing spiritual and educational work", " Modern approaches to the formation of public opinion ", " Factors of formation of spiritual maturity ", " History and theory of culture ", " Ethnocultural values ", " Interethnic " " Peace and religious tolerance " are taught . The scientific theme of the department is "Legal basis for the formation and development of civil society."



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