Social work


The Academic Council of the National University of Uzbekistan on September 28, 2017 No. 2 decided to create a department of social work, and the Department was established by order of October 21, 2017 No. 01-598.

The department is headed by Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor N.M. Latipova.

Today, the department employs 2 doctors of sciences, 1 associate professor, 2 doctors of philosophy in sociological sciences, 1 senior teacher, as well as 5 teachers and interns.

Social work department`s structure:

  1. N.M. Latipova Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor.
  2. M.Kh. Ganieva Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor.
  3. Abdukhalilov A.A, Associate Professor, Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology PhD.
  4. S.M. Kalanova, associate professor, Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology PhD.
  5. Zaytov E.Kh., associate professor.
  6. Kayumov K.N. - Senior Lecturer.
  7. K.A. Akhmedov -  teacher.
  8. M.D. Makhmudov - teacher.
  9. Farkhodova Z.F. trainee teacher.
  10. Turakulova AS, trainee teacher.
  11. Suvanova Yu.A. - trainee teacher.

The department has a bachelor‘s degree department 5520100-Social work (with family and children), 5A520101-Social work (with family and children) and Social work (organization of work with youth) master‘s degree, basic doctorate PhD, doctoral DSc and independent candidates. Today, 217 students have graduated from the undergraduate program. 14 masters received their master‘s degrees.

Professors  from the Department of Social Work since October 21, 2017 are conducting research on the topic "Features of social work with low-income families and children."

Within the framework of the topic of the department, professors and teachers of the department have their own scientific topics and are engaged in their own scientific activity.

There is a scientific school on the topic "Research of social processes and relations, the development of social work" (supervisor, Doctor of sociological sciences, prof. Ganieva M.Kh.).

Under the leadership of M.Kh. Ganieva defended 4 PhD and DSc.

1. Alekseeva V.S. - July 13, 2018 Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology, PhD

2. Abdukhalilov A.A. - June 7, 2018 Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology, PhD

3. Associate professor Kalanova S.M. - July 26, Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology, PhD

4. Researcher Palvaniyazov A.Yu. - March 14, 2019 Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology, PhD,

5.Doctoral student, Doctor of politological Sciences Akhmedov Kh.A. - December 19, 2018.

On May 24, 2013 a scientific and practical conference was held on the topic "Social work in the field of protecting families and children in Uzbekistan." Since 2014, regular scientific conferences and round tables in the field of social work have been held

The department are conducting a number of projects.

In 2014-2017, there was carried out the practical project No. A-1-161 "Issues of social cooperation in the system of protecting families and children in the context of modernization in Uzbekistan." Project manager Associate Professor N.M. Latipova. Within the framework of the project, 3 republican scientific and practical conferences were held, including 1 student conference and the Republican forum of youth projects. In 2017, the Republican youth forum "Who else if not we" was held, articles were published. A patent for the Republican Youth Forum was received.

Practical project PZ-2017092819 "Training and improvement of youth volunteers in demand for vulnerable groups" (2017-2020) Project manager - associate professor N.M. Latipova.

Fundamental project F-1-100 "Scientific and methodological foundations for improving the system of socio-cultural adaptation of children with disabilities" (2017-2020).Project manager - professor Ganieva M.Kh., Within the framework of the project, on April 26, 2019, the Republican scientific and practical conference "The practice of social work with different groups of the population" was held. The materials of the conference were published in a periodical collection. Within the framework of this project, the Republican Center for the Social Adaptation of Children, together with specialists from the Fergana branch and professors of the Fergana State University, conducts regular sociological research among children with disabilities and their parents.

In cooperation with UNICEF, the international project "Improving the quality of education and the development of practice in the field of social work in Uzbekistan" (2017-2020) project manager - professor Ganieva M.Kh. In 2017, within the framework of the project, the Republican scientific and practical conference "Problems and prospects of training social workers in Uzbekistan" was held and a collection of articles was published.

In October 2018, January 2019 and May 2019, a training seminar was held at the Faculty of Social Sciences under the guidance of Professor of Columbia University Timati Hunt, expert Kim L., D. Isaeva from UNICEF. The seminar was conducted by Timati Hunt, professor at Columbia University in the USA, and L. Kim, expert. Social workers of the Main Labor Department of Tashkent, the National University of Uzbekistan, SamSU, FarSU, NamSU and RBIUM, specialists from Samarkand and Fergana branches took part in the training seminar.

The social work department prepares state educational standards. In addition to the State educational standard for social work (with family and children), Bachelor‘s and Master‘s degrees have been prepared by TPA in the field of social work (organization of work with youth) and social work (with the elderly and the disabled) and master‘s specialties. From the 2019-2020 academic year, 8 undergraduates were also admitted to the magistracy in social work (organization of work with youth).

The following disciplines are taught at the Department of Social Work in accordance with the State Educational Standard:

In the field of higher education:

  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Ethical principles and values ​​of social work
  • History of social work
  • Social work with family and children
  • Protection of children‘s rights in social work
  • Social work theory
  • Social policy and social services
  • Law enforcement practice in the field of social work
  • Practice of social work with families, children and women
  • Practice of social work with people with disabilities
  • Social protection of children and youth.
  • Family and gender sociology
  • Sociology of youth
  • Human behavior and social environment
  • Social work with different groups
  • Workshop on social work in the system of self-government and social protection.
  • Social anthropology
  • Management of social work in governing bodies and organizations
  • Prevention of violence  in social work with women and children
  • Research methodology and statistical analysis in social work.
  • Juvenile justice
  • Social gerontology
  • Sociology
  • Sociology of conflicts
  • Social work with family and children

By specialty magistracy:

  • Social work with families
  • Sociology of Disability
  • Services and performance technologies for children and youth
  • Innovative technologies in the field of social work.
  • PR (PR) technologies in social work
  • Social problems of cities
  • Modern methods of social work in practice
  • Contemporary social problems
  • Social work with youth
  • Social protection
  • Youth work management
  • Migration processes and social work
  • Practice working with youth in emergencies.
  • Qualitative research methods

Tasks of the social work department:

Capacity building of the department.

Increasing the spiritual and educational culture of students.

A promising direction of the department is the creation of a training system for personnel working in the field of social protection of families and children.

Training of highly qualified social workers in the social security and protection system of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Organization of scientific and practical research and training of scientific personnel in the social sphere and social work.

Advanced training and retraining of specialists working in the system of protecting families and children of the republic.

Basic Indicators
1182 Professor-o‘qituvchilar soni
26796 Jami talabalar soni
3500000 ARM fondi
52 Yo‘nalish bakalavr
71 Mutaхassislik magistratura