International relationships

International relationships


Academic year in NUUz continues from September to June (01.09-30.06). Duration of Study: Bachelor’s Degree - 4 academic years; Master‘s Degree - 2 academic years; Doctoral Degree (PhD, DSc) - 3 (4) academic years, depending on the Faculty (field of study).
Our programs are available to study full time at all faculties. Enrolling to the NUUz is based on the interview.
For additional information, please contact International Cooperation Department of the University (e-mail:,; tel.: +99871 2465413 ).
As a rule, study in NUUz is conducted in russian and uzbek, so good preliminary language training is required.


The National University of Uzbekistan accepts foreign citizens by interview, without passing the test in accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-3775 dated on June 5, 2018 and Regulations approved by this Resolution.

You will need to submit the following documents to International Relations Department of the University:

  • Application form for studying at the NUUz;
  • Transcripts from previously completed or in-progress degrees. transcripts/mark sheets and certificates of completion/diplomas of any degrees obtained within and outside the Republic of Uzbekistan should be included:
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Certificate/Diploma of Secondary Education
  • Master’s Degree: Bachelor‘s degree or equivalent
  • Doctoral Degree (PhD, DSc): Master‘s Degre
  • All degrees (certificates of completion/diplomas with transcripts/mark sheets) obtained outside the Republic of Uzbekistan will be notarized translation into Russian or Uzbek;
  • A scanned version of national passport or a passport with a residence permit in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Getting visa process and registration for living on campus

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, upon request of Higher Education Institutions, in agreement with the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in accordance with the established procedure, ensures the issuance and extension of visas, as well as temporary registration and extension of the temporary residence permit at the place of temporary residence of foreign citizens (according to the available regulations).
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