The National University of Uzbekistan has established contacts with 200 foreign universities and organizations from 41 countries and signed cooperation agreements and memoranda.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the university has 12 international grants totaling $ 583,000, three of which were awarded in 2019.

In 2019, 10 international scientific and practical conferences, training courses and events were held. In addition, as part of international symposia and conferences at the National University of Uzbekistan, master classes and training seminars were held with the participation of more than 180 leading international experts from the USA, Japan, Great Britain, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Mongolia, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

30 memoranda of cooperation and cooperation agreements were signed with foreign universities and research centers.

In accordance with these, 23 students and doctoral students got qualified and had internship abroad, 26 took part in conferences, seminars, training courses, 16 students had training and practice abroad, and one student was sent to the Japanese STEP @ TUAT program at Tokyo Technological University. Moreover, 30 foreign students and undergraduates (Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) were trained at the National University of Uzbekistan.

41 foreign specialists are involved in the educational process, 11 of them on an ongoing basis.

Of the 15 foreign grants, 5 were awarded in 2019.

Within the EU, 15 Erasmus + grant projects were developed, which were submitted to the Erasmus + Commission in collaboration with foreign higher education institutions.

33 foreign (Chinese People‘s Republic, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan Republic, Turkmenistan, Republic of Korea, Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkey, Mongolia) citizens were accepted on the basis of the contract to the university.



In 2019, 60 teachers from 60 leading foreign universities and research institutes were involved in the learning process at the university.

Currently, the university has 12 foreign professors and teachers.

Of them:

At the Faculty of Foreign Philology:

1. Simon Kretschmer - German citizen, lecturer DAAD Germany;

2. Jabert Anne Helene Dolly - French citizen, teacher at the University of Mans, France;

3. Franz Worley - French citizen, professor of the Sorbonne, France;

4. Seol von Tai - a citizen of the Republic of Korea, professor;

5. Mina Havel - US citizen, professor at Concordia University;

6. Lidwin Marie Torteuru - a French citizen, a teacher at the University of Agnier;

7. Rafael Lyuvet - a French citizen, a teacher at the University of Lion-2 Lumier;

At the Faculty of History:

1. Thomas Alan Mills of Welsford - United Kingdom citizen, researcher at Al Soles College, University of Oxford;

At the Faculty of Physics:

1. Nakamuro Katsuhiro - a citizen of Japan, professor at Osaka University in Japan;

2. Letfullin Renat - a US citizen, a teacher at the Institute of Technology Rose Holman;

At the Taekwondo School of Sports:

2. Beck Moon Jon - a citizen of the Republic of Korea, professor;

At the Uzbek-Israeli joint high-tech and engineering-mathematical faculty:

1. Yuldashev Tursun Kamaldinovich-citizen of Russia, associate professor;

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