"El-yurt umidi"

Information about an advanced training of Head of the Department of Physical Geography of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek (NUUz) Mirakmalov Mirali Turanbaevich at the Department of Physical Geography and Landscape Studies of Lomonosov Moscow State University (from October 1 to October 31).

 M.Т.Мirakmalov arrived at the Department of Physical geography and landscape science, Lomonosov Moscow State University on October 1, 2019 andthe program and the individual plan of the trainee was discussed at the meeting of the Department. According to the plan, in the first week of the internship he got acquainted with the curriculum and organization of educational, methodical, research work of the Department. These works were presented by Professor A. V. Khoroshev and V. A. Nizovtsev.

M.Т.Мirakmalov familiarized with the complex of measures for the organization and conduct of educational field practice of MSU in order to introduce them into the educational process of NUUz.

With scientific and scientific-pedagogical activities of the Department of Physical geography and landscape studies of Lomonosov Moscow State University trainee was familiarized by VA Nizovtsev (responsible for scientific work of the Department). The trainee studied the principles of operation and practical application of modern measuring instruments and equipment in the laboratory of the Department under the guidance of prof. B. P. Shevchenko.

In addition, M. T. Mirakmalov participated in meetings of the faculty and October 15, 2019 at the staff meeting he elucidated the goals and objectives of the internship and also talked about the activities of his faculty, department and his scientific work to the members of the Department.

He participated in the scientific seminars of the Department of "Landscape planning” and "Landscape seminar", which were held on 8 and 15 October 2019.

M. T. Mirakmalov‘s internship was useful for improving the educational process of the NUUz, the development of scientific research of the Department and the trainee, the development of scientific and methodological ties between LMSU and NUUz. Overall, the goals have been fully achieved.


Department of English Philology, Faculty of Foreign Philology NUU

 Fellows of the El Yurt Umidi Foundation

Yusupova Shoira Batirovna, Agzamova Dildora Bakhadirjanovna, Sabirovna N.K.

Training on 30.07.2019-28.08.2019


In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the organization of activities of the “El-Yurt umidi” foundation under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan for training specialists abroad and set contact with compatriots residing abroad" particated in the competition for training, internship and transfer to master‘s and PhD programs abroad organized by the “El-Yurt” fund and in accordance with the Decision No.9 of May 7, 2019 they were admitted as winners and awarded with certificates.  

In this regard,to study abroad in a particular program they were sent to Norwich Institute of Language Teaching, UK and trained at a 120-hour course from 30 July to 28 August 2019. During the training actively participated in the training courses organized by the leading professors of the Institute R. Bolizo, J. Hammer, D. Allan, M. Heron, M. Clark, T.Prins, S. Smith and J. McMahon. During the courses they were taught in the themes of Language Development, Content Based Teaching, English for Academic Purposes, Teacher Trainers, Teaching and Testing, Academic Writing, Critical Thinking, and Principles of Assessment. For instance, in a lecture on "Teaching of teachers," Professor R. Bolizo explained “Androgogy vs pedagogy”: the differences between teaching methods of adolescents and children.

In the “EAP” lesson, T.Prins taught students how to explain the text content with the Blum Taxonomy. Exercises were performed with a number of materials.

M. Heron taught students how to enrich the vocabulary in a Language Development lesson and explained the theme with video materials and handouts. Each trained innovative method was thoroughly studied and clarified by asking related questions to subject and they expressed their own ideas about those techniques. There were discussions on interesting topics, each organized seminar- training was actively participated.The necessary materials of Institution’s library was used productively.On August 27 the awarding ceremony was held by the professors of the Institute and certificates were given by the organizer of the event Professor R. Bolizo to our representatives.

At the end of each week, sightseeing tours were organized to museums and famous cities of England like London, Sharingham, Jeramus, Cambridge.


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