Pro-rector: Shirinova Raima Khakimovna

(From August 10, 2019)

Doctor of Philology, Professor


Main characteristics

- is the head of 3 basic doctoral students and 7 independent applicants;

- was the head of ___ masters and 28 bachelors;

- 4 textbooks, 2 monographs, and 12 teaching and methodological manuals were published;

- 35 scientific articles were published in foreign journals, including 18 articles in high-rated journals, 45 articles in national journals, in total, the author of 130 scientific articles;

- 5 patents, 8 copyright certificates were received.

- the head of 2 republican grants and the participant of 8 grants, the coordinator of 2 international grants.

State awards

2016 y. - a memorial sign “O‘zbekiston mustaqilligiga 25 yil”

2017 y. - a memorial sign “O‘zbekiston Konstitutsiyasiga 25 yil”

2017 y. - French Order of Academic Palms


Republican and international contests


In 2015, R. Shirinova was awarded the 2nd place in the contest "The best Textbook of the Year" for the textbook of the French language.

In 2016, R. Shirinova participated in the contest organized by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and took the 1st place in the contest "The best Teacher".

In 2014, she was a winner of the programme "The best Lesson Development" of the international contest CAMPUS France of the government of France.

Since 2017, R.Shirinova has been Executive Director of the Friendship Society "Uzbekistan-France" in the Committee on Interethnic Relations and Friendly Ties with Foreign Countries under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.



Translation Studies and Comparative Literature


- In 2001, R.Shirinova defended her thesis on the theme "Transfer of realities in the translation of works of fiction".

- In 2009, R.Shirinova received the academic title of Associate Professor in the specialty "Comparative Linguistics, Literature and Translation Studies".

- In 2017, R.Shirinova defended her thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philological Sciences on the topic “Transformation of the World National Landscape in Literary Translation”.

- In 2018, R.Shirinova was awarded the title of professor in the specialty "Comparative Literature, Comparative Linguistics and Translation Studies".

Structure of Department of International Relations
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