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CALL FOR PAPERS GIS IN CENTRAL ASIA CONFERENCE – GISCA 2020 "Applied Geoinformatics for Sustainable Development"

The annual ‘GIS in Central Asia’ Conference - GISCA 2020 registration for this conference scheduled for June 1-3 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The main objectives of this English language conference are to bring together GIS academics, researchers and practitioners from Central Asian and other countries and to encourage international cooperation and knowledge exchange in GIS education. 

In 2020, GISCA is focused on the theme "Applied Geoinformatics for Sustainable Development". Geographic Information Science as a conceptual foundation, Geoinformatics as the methodology and GIS as software technologies are powerful instruments for linking information across different sources by location. This is exactly what is needed to successfully manage our environments and natural resources, our economies and ultimately our societies. 


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