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Young faculty through the eyes of foreign youth

Two years ago, National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek celebrated its 100th anniversary. Big changes have taken place during this time. A striking example of this is the extensive work in priority areas, including the development of physical culture and sports, with the aim of modernizing the country and liberalizing all spheres of life.

In this regard, on August 8, 2018, the faculty of taekwondo and sports activities was established at the National University of Uzbekistan. Today, the faculty trains strong and leading masters of sports. It is no coincidence that the World Taekwondo Assistance Foundation has attracted leading Korean students to the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek. The international department of the university interviewed these students and listened to their opinions on our university.

Lea Guo Yoon, Lim Joon Soo, Park Sung Ming, Kim Ming Gu said they are studying in the direction of taekwondo shows. When they were asked why they chose Uzbekistan, they replied that our athletes have good tactical and technical training, solidarity and high potential. We also asked a number of questions. For a week they have been conducting activities in the form of a seminar-training at NUUz. Therefore, we turned to them with a question about what results they expect from the training seminar and whether they intend to come back to Uzbekistan in the future. Of course, they said they would return if the appropriate program was chosen.They also said that at the end of the seminar they will show everything that they know. They have visited the sights of Tashkent since their arrival in Uzbekistan. In particular, they were delighted with Independence Square, Amir Temur Park, the Museum of the History of Uzbekistan and our bazaar markets. It is worth noting that Uzbekistan and our youth are repeatedly recognized by countries around the world. These relations will further strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries and improve the quality of education. All of these reforms are for young people and their future. After all, the youth are the creators of the future.

Department of International Relations of NUUz

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