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At the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan began to receive documents for studying in the direction of education "History (Islamic history and source studies)"!


The purpose. The study and investigation of the heritage of ancestors have always been one of the most urgent issues before mankind. Nowadays, we have responsibility that we need to preserve and study our thousands material and cultural heritage and bring it to the next generation. In the direction of history (Islamic history and source Studies) — from ancient times to today, specialists are educated, who has a broad knowledge of our history, mastered Arabic, Persian and Western languages, mastered the knowledge of Islamic history and source studies.

The graduators of the direction of education are awarded a bachelor‘s diploma on “History (Islamic history and source studies)” and a Historian-Islamic religion literate, a qualification on Source studies.

Within the framework of the direction of Education, comprehensive knowledge and skills in the following subjects are formed:

  • History of Uzbekistan;
  • Islamic Geography and country study;
  • Source studies;
  • Scientific heritage of Asian thinkers;
  • World history;
  • Historical research methodology;
  • Islamic sources studies;
  • Central Asian peoples culture, religious traditions and customs;
  • Methods of teaching and learning technologies;
  • History of Public Administration of African and Asian countries;
  • History of architectural monuments and epigraphic;
  • Islamic study, Religious Studies.

Personnel who graduated from this direction of education can work in the following organizations and institutions:

  • Scientific research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • The committee on religious affairs;
  • Central Islamic civilization in Uzbekistan;
  • Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan and its structural territorial units;
  • Secondary and secondary vocational education, public administration and its general departments;
  • Mass media, state and local governments;
  • Non-governmental and community organizations and other misdemeanors

Offer. We invite applicants interested in studying the history of Uzbek statehood through real works, as well as studying the history of Islam through sources, to submit documents in the direction of "History (History and source studies of Islam)".

The opportunity. In the 2020/2021 academic year, a total of 25 students will be accepted to the direction of "History (Islamic history and source studies)". 10 students will be able to receive education on the basis of state grants.

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