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Congratulations to the youth of Uzbekistan on behalf of the rector of NUUz

Dear students!

I heartily congratulate You on Youth Day.

In your image we see the builders of the new Uzbekistan. Our future, the implementation of great plans, reforms in all areas are closely related to your fate - the fate of our children.

You, dear students, glorify the potential, intellect and strength of the youth of our country throughout the world.

Today, young people in Uzbekistan are conducting research on scientific and innovative projects in various fields of science.

In particular, today about 16 thousand young people study at the National University of Uzbekistan. About 1000 young scientists conduct research. We are proud of You. In order for You to become educated, strong and highly qualified specialists, we, teachers, will direct all our forces, knowledge and capabilities.

No wonder it is said, "the best investment is investment in education." Today smart classes, new laboratories, information and resource centers have been created for You. All this is an effort to ensure that You could get a good education and become a harmoniously developed personality.

Dear students! For all of us, this academic year has been a test. An unexpected pandemic demanded from us radical changes in the education system.

In the context of this pandemic, we were delighted to see that You, in solidarity, without excessive panic, were doing matters as planned. We were encouraged by the fact that You, along with Your parents, continuously mastered disciplines in the system of distance education, and also tried to engage in self-study.

You have justified our trust in You.

We are glad that You went to the disaster site as volunteers, that You will never forget our compatriots and children who needed comprehensive assistance, and that You took the initiative to conduct research at our training ground in Muynak.

Your speeches in the republican media, reports prepared by students from the regions where patients with coronavirus were located, our medical students working in the group on treatment of patients in  quarantine, your creative works on effective pastime in the conditions of pandemic, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle also commendable.

My young and strong children!

Our esteemed President Shavkat Mirziyoyev pays great attention to youth. The head of state is promoting systemic projects to increase youth activity in public and political life, create jobs for them, and support areas in the private sector. All these opportunities for You, our youth!

Please pay attention to the quotas for admission this year. This year, more than 6,000 admission quotas were given only to the National University of Uzbekistan to realize Your dreams. Here, all conditions have been created for training on the basis of directions and joint programmes open in cooperation with a number of prestigious foreign universities. These opportunities are a reflection of the attention paid to youth in our country.

Dear students!

The knowledge gained in childhood is like a pattern carved on stone. World-famous scientists and academics studied here. You are their successors. I wish You to be their worthy successors in science, after a while, in potential, in education.

Working for the prosperity of our country, the welfare of our people, most importantly, I want You to become principled, patriotic, competitive cadres with Your own opinion and voice.

We believe in You.

Happy holiday!


                                                           Rector of the National University of Uzbekistan, Professor Avazjon Marakhimov

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