For international applicants

Entrance exams to the Uzbek-Israeli joint faculty in Tashkent will be held 06.10.20 and 07.10.20 at 14:00 (online using the ZOOM platform).


4, University Str.,

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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HIT Holon Institute of Technology
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Attention, applicant!

Entrance exams to the Uzbek-Israeli joint faculty in Tashkent will be held

06.10.20 and 07.10.20 at 14:00 (online using the ZOOM platform).

The order of the entrance exam to the Uzbek-Israeli joint faculty in the city of Tashkent.

To pass the entrance exam, the applicant must have with him:

1.     Passport / ID for identification.

2.     Availability of a personal computer (tablet, laptop) with a stable Internet connection (without interruptions during the exam). It is desirable that the minimum speed of the Internet connection is at least 5 Mbps.

3.     The presence of an external web camera (color, with a minimum resolution of at least 0.3 megapixels), which will show the workplace during the ZOOM conference.

4.     The presence of speakers and a microphone (including built-in laptop / external connected to the computer).

5.     Availability of a scanning or photographing device for scanning / photographing and attaching response forms for sending.

6.     Sufficient quantity (minimum 5 pcs.) A4 sheets of white blank paper.

7.     Two pens with black or blue paste.

8.     Registration in ZOOM ( under your full name. Completely in English.

Preparation of the workplace for the exam:

1.     A computer with a portable external camera, laptop, or mobile device should be on the table. A microphone is also required - built-in or external. The phone, tablet or laptop must be connected to an external power source (mains). Headphones are NOT ALLOWED.

2.     Make sure that the microphone is working properly, the camera clearly shows the workplace, hands and task sheets, there are no extraneous sound sources.

3.     Make sure the room is quiet and free of bystanders and pets. During the entire exam, the door of the room must be closed

4.     There should be no foreign objects in and around the workplace, except for ID, paper and pens, water (plastic transparent bottle without a label) and medicine (if necessary). It is forbidden to use other means of communication, with the exception of a smartphone, in addition to the main device to receive an assignment and read it during the exam and use this smartphone during the final photographing of the work, forming a letter with images and sending a letter to a PC.

During the entrance exam you must:

1.     Go to ZOOM using the link from the letter of the admissions committee at the time indicated in it. When entering, enter the group number and your last name, first name and patronymic (Writing format: 00_Surname_Name_Patronymic) in English in the same way as you indicated when registering on google form. Recommendation: if the connection is broken, re-enter ZOOM using the same link.

2.     Go through the identification procedure. To do this, show your identity document to the camera at the request of the examiner.

3.     Show at the request of the examiner your workplace in a circular view by moving the camera. Be prepared to repeat this procedure at any time the examiner requests.

4.     The applicant draws up the title page, indicating the "Uzbek-Israeli joint faculty in the city of Tashkent", in the middle write "Introductory work on the" name of the subject "". Under it, clearly write the full name. completely in English, date and signature as in the passport. Take a photo of the page and send the file to the admissions office at the address that the examiner will write to the chat, File name: Surname_Name_Patronymic name_Title, then the applicant is sent an assignment.

5.     Write work on A4 sheets only on one side of the sheet. Do not sign the sheets. On the sheets themselves, only what relates to the solution of tasks should be written (no drawings, signatures, inscriptions, etc., only drawings for tasks are allowed). Problems can be solved in any order, in the clean copy it is necessary to write the problem number, then the text of the problem solution and at the end of the text write the word "answer" and then write the answer itself. Only the answer that is written in the clean copy is counted. After that, an oral survey is carried out and a score is given.

The exam will consist of 5 questions of 15 points each in mathematics and an essay in English with a maximum score of 25 points. The exam will be graded on a 100 point scale.

The duration of the exam is 1 hour.

6.     The exam results will be announced within 48 hours on the official website.

7.     Your work on paper (original) must be kept and, in case of enrollment in studies, must be submitted along with the originals of other documents.

8.     During the exam, you cannot leave the workplace, as well as interrupt the ZOOM conference. Communicate with the examiner through the chat ZOOM conference.

9.     After completing the work, inform the examiner about this and, at the examiner‘s direction, renumber the sheets of the final copy of the work (the page number is in the upper right corner and circled around).

10.  Then scan or photograph A4 sheets of completed assignments. All work must be saved as a single file (format: pdf or jpg).

11.  Name the work file in the format Surname_Name_Patronymic.

12.  Attach the file of the work and the examination option to the letter. In the subject line, enter your Surname, Name, Patronymic (in English).

13.  Alert the examiner to proceed with the submission of the answer material.

14.  Submit your work to the address indicated by the admissions committee.

·       Attention! The time spent on scanning and submitting the work performed by the applicant should not exceed 10 minutes.

15.  Do not turn off ZOOM until the examiner receives a letter with work. Wait for the examiner to confirm receipt of your work. Further, the oral part of the exam is carried out, and after the end of the oral exam, with the permission of the examiner, you can leave the ZOOM conference.

16.  Retaking the entrance exam is NOT ALLOWED.

17.  Appeals based on the results of the exam are carried out in accordance with the "Rules for filing and considering appeals based on the results of the entrance exam."

Applicant‘s actions in case of communication problems

·       In case of a short-term communication failure:

Record the time of the disconnection (take a screenshot, a photo of the entire screen so that the time and the application / website window can be seen) and send to the responsible examiner as soon as the connection is restored.

·       In case of long-term communication failure:

Report this immediately to the Admissions Committee using any communication channels.

Phone for inquiries: + 998-97-9171121, + 99897-7520283


It is recommended to check and disable all communication systems and applications, as well as screen capture applications such as Discord, MS Teams, Telegram, Skype, VKontakte, etc

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