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«Master class» from the Adviser to the President

Today, November 9, State Adviser to the President for Science, Education, Healthcare and Sports Abdujabbor Abduvakhidov talked with young scientists and researchers of the National University of Uzbekistan about the reforms being carried out in the country, problems in education, scientific activities of young scientists, and the educational process.

The dialogue took place in an open and sincere atmosphere, during which the issues of internships for basic doctoral students and doctoral students, issues that need to be addressed in the preparation of competitive personnel were discussed. During the conversation, the work done by the National University of Uzbekistan to enter the list of the world‘s leading universities was analyzed.

Also, opinions and proposals were expressed on the organization of lessons in a pandemic, the quality of education, the image of the university, articles in international journals, students‘ practice and material and technical base. During the conversation, the young scientists exchanged views with the Presidential Adviser on Education and Research.

At the end of the conversation, the Presidential Adviser pointed out the seriousness of the issue of solving problems in the field, urged young scientists and researchers to develop the field of science and mobilize their potential for the development of our society.

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