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I sincerely congratulate all of you on the coming New Year 2021. I wish you new success in your scientific and creative work, and family happiness in fulfilling the responsible tasks set in the Message from the President to the Oliy Majlis and the people of Uzbekistan.

The ending year has been complicated in many ways. Nevertheless, it has been possible to curb it and reduce its threat thanks to the measures taken in our country under the leadership of the President. A strong system of public health protection has been created in our country. And our people have shown the spiritual and moral qualities and strong will of our ancestors in the struggle against the catastrophic disaster.

Another truth is that a victory achieved through unparalleled hardship, perseverance, patience, and high discipline is more important than an easy victory. Because such an achievement heals a person both physically and spiritually. Today, despite certain difficulties, losses, and interruptions, we are stronger, more volitional, more confident, and more united.  As the head of our country noted, with the unwavering will, selfless work and perseverance of our people, we are  overcoming the existing difficulties courageously.

In the passing year, we have made great achievements despite the existing difficulties. In 2020, we uplifted our ranking up to 353+ in the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, and 601+ in the overall ranking of THE University Impact Ranking 2020. In addition, we have increased our positions in this international ranking in 5 areas: "Quality of Education" 401+, "Climate Change" 101+, "Poverty Alleviation" 201+, "Social Equality" 401+ and "Global Partnership for Sustainable Development" 601+. The international agency Quacquarelli Symonds recognized us as the strongest university among developing countries in Europe and Central Asia and ranked us among the top 500 universities (351+ place) the other day. Such high achievements are the result of selfless, enthusiastic, progressive professors and students like you, as well as the tireless and hard work of the entire university community.  I am confident that next year we will be able to take a higher place in the international rankings with a team with such high potential as you!

The President’s speech identified priorities for the development of social, economic, political and legal spheres in the country. For instance, the number of state grants for higher education will be increased by at least 25% starting next year. The number of grants for girls from needy families for admission to higher education institutions will be doubled to 2,000. Special scholarships will be implemented for girls with excellent grades who need social protection. 65 academic lyceums will be transferred under higher education institutions in order to strengthen the link between universities and the lower levels of the education system. It is even more gratifying that 30 leading universities in the country will be given the right to develop their own curricula, admission quotas and resolve financial issues independently in the following new year.

These new opportunities require all of us to work more responsibly, increase our knowledge and experience constantly, introduce modern advanced methods in the educational process widely, link scientific and theoretical ideas with practice firmly.  We will open all the doors of opportunity for the development of our university together as we welcome 2021 with you, we will, of course, take a higher place in the world rankings together next year.

I once again congratulate all of you and wish good health, peace and prosperity in this happy day on behalf of the university team and myself.

May the new year be accompanied with new scientific and creative achievements!


 Avazjon Maraximov

 Rector of the National University of Uzbekistan

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