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The educational institution as a promoter of spirituality

A video conference led by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev was held yesterday on the issues of radical improvement of the system of spiritual and educational work, reinforcing cooperation between state and public organizations. If we look at the history of the world, first of all, every nation has risen with its spiritual unity andits national idea. Today, as a developing country the role of national ideology is very vital in our country.In recent years, a number of the decree have been made in this regard. The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was selected as a Chairman of the Republican Council for Spirituality and Enlightenment. The lead representatives are responsible for the territorial divisions of the Council. This change has raised the spiritual and enlightenment work to a higher level in the policy of our state. “If the body of a society is the economy, its soul constantly is spirituality. As we decide to build a new Uzbekistan, we will rely on two strong pillars”.

The first is a strong economy that is based on market principles.The second is the rich heritage of our ancestors and a strong spirituality based on national values.At the recent major events like the Address of the President to the Oliy Majlis, the First Forum of Youth of Uzbekistan, and the enlarged meeting of the Security Council, urgent tasks in the field of spirituality were identified. Because there are a lot of unresolved issues in this regard. Unfortunately, some do not fully understand the essence of the national idea, who imagine the old ideology and look at it superficially.Therefore, the President emphasized the main idea of the ideology of our country: - The ideology of the new Uzbekistan, which we are creating, will be the idea of goodness and humanity. At the point when we state philosophy, most importantly, we imply that the instruction of thought, the training of public and widespread qualities. They are based on thousands of years of life concepts and values of our people, - said the head of state.

  The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek has a Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment that works with youth affairs, which is responsible for spirituality and enlightenment.     

   This department consists of active participation in the improvement of spiritual and educational work in cooperation with the city and district departments of the Republican Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment, as well as foundations and public organizations operating in the country.

The university has social sciences, national ideas and philosophies, spirituality and enlightenment, some sciences relating to national ideas and practice. It also has relations with state universities and scientific foundations, such as the United States, Turkey, Spain, Russia, and these scientific and educational programs establish scientific cooperation on the roots of national statehood, Central Asian philosophy, the history of Eastern philosophy.

          Foreign experience shows the compatibility of the ideological experience of the Near and Middle East, East Asian countries in the organization of statehood in terms of the Uzbek mentality and culture, and scientific and theoretical research also reflects the features of regional and mental closeness.The Faculty of Social Sciences has departments of National Ideology and Social Philosophy and Fundamentals of Religion and Spirituality until 2019. In September 2019, as a result of the reorganization of the departments of the Faculty of Social Sciences, these departments were renamed as Civil Society and Law Education, Philosophy and Spirituality. There is also the Department of Philosophy and Logic within the Faculty of Social Sciences, which covers the study of Oriental philosophy and logic in the field of history of philosophy. In the field of philosophy education, Arabic and Persian languages ​​are taught in 2-3-year bachelor‘s degree programs. There is a subject of philosophy of Islamic theology in the master‘s degree in the history of philosophy. At the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University in the field of national ideology and law education in the 2020-2021 academic year was allocated 25 quotas, and 126 students were admitted. There is a student and teacher exchange partnership with Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, China and Portugal for these students. The concept of spirituality is inculcated in the minds of young learners during lectures and practical classes.

        It is known that today in the world there is a fierce struggle and competition, the conflict of interests is intensifying. The processes of globalization are bringing unprecedented challenges along with incomparable new opportunities for humanity. Threats and dangers to national identity and spiritual values are increasing.  Only self-centeredness, a light-hearted attitude to work, family, and consumerism are masterfully instilled in the minds of people, especially young people, in various ways. Threats such as terrorism, extremism, transnational and cybercrime, human trafficking, drug trafficking are increasing. Deliberate instability and protests have escalated in some areas. In such a dangerous situation, it is necessary to be vigilant and live in the interests of the peace of our people and the interests of our country. The head of our state stressed that indifference and indifference are the biggest threats, and that there is a lack of education and public control to reduce the social problems we face today. As noted at the meeting, the period itself requires a scientific analysis of the socio-spiritual environment. "Unfortunately, there are still those among us who do not fully understand the essence of the national idea, spirituality, and those who wonder whether spirituality is necessary or not. When it comes to the national idea, there are those who imagine the old Soviet ideology. This is also true. But if ideology is human, if it serves to glorify human rights and freedoms, why should we be afraid of them? The basis of all our actions is to please our people. In this regard, I would like to emphasize that the ideology of the New Uzbekistan we are creating will be the idea of ​​goodness, humanity and humanism. When we say ideology, we mean, first of all, the education of thought, the education of national and universal values. Of course, these lofty ideas did not come from heaven. They are based on thousands of years of life concepts and values ​​of our people, ”said Shavkat Mirziyoyev in the selector. The President cited the solidarity shown by the people of Uzbekistan during the pandemic as an example of national values.

Spiritual and educational work in our society is not organized on such a basis, so it does not give the expected results. Therefore, it is necessary to critically study the work of the Republican Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment and radically improve its activities. The President proposed to establish the Institute of Social and Spiritual Research on the basis of the educational institution "Propagandist of Spirituality".


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