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Academic cooperation is strengthened through online lectures

On March 1, 2021, the Uzbek linguistics and Uzbek Literary Studies Department of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek jointly with the Department of modern Turkic languages and literature of the Faculty of language, history and geography of the University of Ankara of Turkey conducted the first training of modern turkological research lectures scheduled for the 2nd semester.

The lesson was opened by the Department of "modern Turkic languages and literature" of Ankara University, doctor of philological Sciences, professor Sema Barutju Uzundar. The turkologist scientist touched upon the friendly relations of the Uzbek and Turkish people, the common language, literature, history, folklore, art. He highly appreciated the scientific and pedagogical relations of Ankara and the National University of Uzbekistan, which began at the end of the last century, in particular, the activities of the academician Iristoy Kochkortoev at the University of Ankara, and drew the attention of the participants to the fact that the online classes of modern turkological research lectures scheduled for the 2nd semester. At the end of her speech, Ms. Sema expressed special gratitude to the leadership of both universities that supported this project, the organizers of the project Professor Sevgil Kurbanova and Professor Aynur Uzjon of Ankara University.

The word for congratulations was originally given to Raima Shirinova, vice-rector on international relations of the National University of Uzbekistan. The vice-rector expressed deep gratitude to the management of Ankara University, emphasized that the university has a rich experience, it is among the top 1000 institutions in the international rating, and also expressed confidence that the cooperation between our universities will bring a bilateral interest. After that, the organizers of the project professor Sevgil Kurbanova and Aynur Uzjon gave speech. They noted that this project would be a good opportunity for two university professors and teachers, in particular Turkologists, to exchange experiences, as well as for students and researchers to get acquainted with the innovations in the field.

At the first session of the project, the Department of Uzbek literary studies of the National University of Uzbekistan, doctor of philological sciences, professor Hamidulla Boltabayev‘s lecture on the part of the work "Bournoma" that has not  reached us, as well as the lecture of Professor Gulzura Jumakun of the University of Ankara on the dictionary of modern Turkic languages were both  received by the audience with a special interest and satisfaction. In the question-and-answer part of the lesson, professor of Ankara University Berdi Sari, professor of Baku Slavic University Nurida Navrozova, associate professor of NUUz Mukaddas Abdurakhmanova took part and expressed their opinions on the raised scientific problems. The experts noted that these online lessons would be incredibly useful not only for the two university teams, but also for the world‘s turcologists, and they expressed their gratitude.


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