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An innovative project "VEB-LEKTORIY" will be started to Youth Affairs

In this project, staffs responsible for Youth Affairs will present “Event” through current topics, realities and processes, social problems and their solutions, suggestions and initiatives that are of interest to young people today.

The main goal of the "VEB-LEKTORIY" project is to clearly define the life position and strategy of young people, set goals and motivate them to succeed. This project will held online once a week through the “Zoom” platform  by the Deputy Deans for Youth Affairs and Spiritual and Educational Affairs of the NUU, Department of Youth Affairs, Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment, University Rector‘s Adviser on Women‘s Affairs, leader of the university Youth Union and young masters and doctoral students.

We believe that this project will become a driver for young people to clearly define their future goals in their field, for a bold step into a big life, for making the right decisions in their future family and work.

The “VEB-LEKTORIY” project is exactly the project you have been waiting for!


Department of Youth Affairs, 

Spirituality and Enlightenment

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