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National University of Uzbekistan is among the best innovative universities in the international ranking of "World‘s Universities with Real Impact" (WURI)

The essence of the ongoing reforms in the field of higher education is to further develop international cooperation, conduct research activities in cooperation with foreign countries and play an important role in international rankings.

The National University of Uzbekistan is also carrying out a lot of systematic work on these issues. In this sense, today the National University of Uzbekistan has taken its place in another international ranking.

Congratulations were received from Mr. Hwy-Chang MOON, Founder of the WURI Ranking Agency, an Honorary Professor and Director of Seoul National University. It is noted that the National University of Uzbekistan is the first higher education institution in the Republic of Uzbekistan to participate, and our university is ranked 101 + 200 among the top 300 universities in the ranking, and this ranking is based on a new innovative concept.

The World’s Universities with Real Impact (WURI) international ranking is a world ranking compiled by the most prestigious universities in the United States, Asia, Europe and Africa. The main organizers of this ranking are 10 universities (Hanze University (Netherlands), Beijing University of Business and Technology (China), Bremen University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Incheon National University (South Korea), University of Northern Arizona (USA), Tamper Sciences. University (Finland), Belgorod National Research University (Russia), which is mainly an organization that evaluates the latest research and innovation projects in world universities and their impact on society and higher education institutions. The WURI rating evaluates the best innovative projects of universities in 5 areas.

These are:

1. Industrial programs;

2. New startup programs and entrepreneurship;

3. Mobility and activity of students;

4. Crisis management;

5. Ethical values.

The results of this ranking for 2021 were recently announced. According to him, the universities of Massachusetts and Stanford ranked 1-2, Harvard University ranked 8th and Boston University ranked 15th.

The National University of Uzbekistan is the only university in the Republic of Uzbekistan with 101-200 places in the WURI global overall ranking, which took the following places in the following areas:

1. Innovative projects of industrial programs - 51-100 places

2. Mobility and activity of students - 52-100 places

3. Innovative project on moral values ​​- 51-100 places

4. In the global overall ranking of WURI - 101-200 places.

Our university is participating in several other international rankings, the results of which will be announced by the end of 2021.


Raima Shirinova, Vice-Rector for International Relations,

National University of Uzbekistan

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