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Joint international youth scientific and practical conference of NUUz at Silkway International University (Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan)

On May 3, 2019, the international scientific and practical conference of students, undergraduates and young scientists "Youth as a driving force for the development of science" was held in the Palace of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan (Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan). The main organizer of this conference was Silkway international University (Republic of Kazakhstan). The co-organizers were National University of Uzbekistan (Republic of Uzbekistan), Nizhny Novgorod state Linguistic University named after N. Dobrolyubov (Russian Federation), International University of Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic) and Atyrau State University named after Kh.Dosmukhamedova (Republic Of Kazakhstan).

The main goals of the conference were:

activation of research and educational work of students and undergraduates;

the involvement of young scientists in the solution of current scientific problems;

promoting students‘ intellectual abilities.

On the part of the National University of Uzbekistan, this event was attended by 14 students, undergraduates and doctoral students, five of whom took honorary 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the sectional reports. This result indicates a high level of academic training of our students.

This event is being held for the second time, and it has become a kind of tradition. The first conference was held in 2018 and was dedicated to the Year of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan. This year it was held as part of the Year of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan. Kazakh colleagues expressed their gratitude to the rector of NUUz prof. Marakhimov Avazjon Rakhimovich for the high preparation and participation of University students at this conference.

Alimova Gulbakhor

The Department of International Cooperation

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