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A Professor from Israel gave a lecture to NUUz students.

Within the framework of the conference on "development of science, technology, education, mathematics and medicine (STEMM)", Professor of the Israel Holon Institute of technology Dr. Yael Eylat Van-Essen of the faculty of International Office Design held on May 17, 2019 for students of the faculty of History of the National University of Israel. Mirzo Ulugbek gave a discussion lecture "Influence of information technologies on the development of museums".

As a result of the intensive introduction and widespread use of new information technologies, many major projects have been implemented in museums around the world, which in turn have helped to develop the economy, tourism and infrastructure of countries and cities.

This allows you to make the tour and visit to the Museum bright and memorable. This technology allows you to show visitors not only the original item, but also how it was used many years ago.
The lecture aroused great interest, students and teachers were asked a large number of questions about the introduction of technologies and new methods of presenting material that make the tour and exhibition interesting, become emotionally rich and quite accessible to any guest of the Museum.
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