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International conference: STEMM serves the development of society

Plenary session of the scientific and practical conference "Science, technology, education, mathematics and medicine", organized by the National University of Uzbekistan and the Israeli Holon Institute of technology, dedicated to the topic " STEMM "(Science - technology - education - mathematics - medicine), officially began in the great hall of the Palace of culture of the youth Union (Tashkent city branch".

The conference was attended by representatives of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of higher and secondary special education, the Ministry of innovative development, a number of higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan, young scientists, specialists, senior researchers and students.

The conference was opened by the rector of NUUz Avazjon Marakhimov in Uzbek, English and Russian.

"Today, scientific research in the fields of science, technology, education, mathematics and medicine play an important role in the development of our country," said the rector of NUUz. - The Memorandum signed between the National University of Uzbekistan and the Holon Institute of technology (Israel) is the basis for opening a joint faculty. Graduates of this faculty will be awarded a diploma from two countries. A number of joint projects are currently being implemented. In particular, there is an exchange of professors, teachers and students. A number of promising projects will be presented at today‘s conference as part of the STEMM project.

Research and discoveries made by scientists of the Holon Institute of technology, especially modern robotics, are of great interest.

"Air water technology was tested by Israeli scientists in Bukhara," said tukhtasin Abdurakhmanov, Dean of The NUUz faculty of biology. - 8 types of fruit and ornamental trees were planted, which will use drip irrigation on almost 2 hectares of land. We hope that the economical and rational use of water will yield results.

At the conference, Israeli scientists were informed about their work in educational institutions, in the field of the educational process, the development and implementation of modern innovative technologies. As noted in the lectures, today the world pays special attention to the use of highly efficient and effective technologies in the field of conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, production, services

This is especially evident in the fields of agriculture, tourism, medicine and pharmaceuticals.

It is planned that a number of projects will be presented at the faculties of the National University of Uzbekistan in the framework of an international conference that will last until May 18.

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