For international applicants

National University of Uzbekistan announces the start of the admission process for foreign citizens to study in the 2019/2020 academic year

Application period: July 1-31, 2019.
Admission of foreign citizens for studying in a 
bachelor degree is carried out on the basis of interview

Required documents:
• Application;
• Notarized and translated in Russian or Uzbek language document on the
completion of the previous stage of education (certificate or diploma of
secondary education, bachelor’s or master’s degree);
• Passport;
• Photo (3.5 х 4.5).
The University offers following areas of education:
• Socio-humanitarian sciences (psychology, sociology, economics, philology, 
• Natural sciences (physics, biology, chemistry, geology, geography);
• Exact sciences (mathematics, information technology);
• Sport (taekwondo and sports activities).
Why National University of Uzbekistan?
• First University of Central Asia, with its rich history  and diverse traditions;
• The best university in Uzbekistan; 
• Highly qualified faculty staff;
• The best scientific and technical base; 
• Free dormitory;
• Acquisition of knowledge and skills
that will allow you to be competitive
personnel worldwide.

For more information about the requirements and the
procedure for submitting documents, please contact us: +99871-
246-63-58, +99897-745-00-82; E-mail:

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