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Central Asian seminar “Access to the information: Strengthening of Academic Influence”

          On September 27, the employees of the faculty of journalism of National University of Uzbekistan took part in the 1stinternational seminar “Access to the Information: Strengthening of Academic Influence”. The seminar is dedicated to International Day of Access to the Information. The meeting of the leading scientists, teachers and young researchers of the faculties of journalisms of Universities of Central Asia was organized and held the UN information Bureau and faculty of journalism of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabiy. During the seminar, issues of improving the quality of journalism education in the context of the implementation of the Sustainable Development of Goals were discussed. In particular, the keynote speakers spoke of the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to curriculum development and journalism programs. 

          Representatives of Journalism Faculties of NUUz, KazNU and National University of Kyrgyzstan expressed their willingness to develop joint educational master’s programs in the relevant specialties, such as environmental journalism, investigative journalism, gender and Media.  

         UN information bureau in Almaty supported initiative of the scientists of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to create Association of Central Asian Universities to ensure sustainability of journalism and communication. The purpose of the Association is to coordinate the efforts of academic circles to develop common approach to improve the quality of Journalism education in the region 

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